Lesser immunity to mind reading?

Canonically, "mental manipulation", including via mundane means such as Charm or Leadership, can be covered by a Greater Immunity (tCatC p.144, and I suspect having seen a character with it in ... ToP perhaps?)

So I was wondering: would "mind reading", including via e.g. Folk Ken, qualify as a Lesser Immunity? After all, it's never a directly lethal hazard.

Folk Ken is about reading someone's body language, knowing from experience/cliché how someone is going to react, putting yourself into someone else's shoes. I don't see a lesser virtue (or even a major one) doing that unless the character is a magic chair.

More importantly: The idea of roleplaying seems to be that various characters react to each other. How is that possible if you do nounderstand the other person's motivation and background (see description of the skill, p. 65)? If others are unable to read you, they will constantly misinterpret your wishes and behave in ways that are bound to make you unhappy. In other words that would be a curse, not a blessing.

Grog is asleep, sword leaning against the wall.
Grog sergeant "blessed" with immunity to Folk Ken shouts: "Where is your sword?"
Grog, still a bit groggy, tries to analyse the situation: What are his motives? What is this guy's background? Normally, he'd realize, this guy is my boss and expects me to obey. He has the power to punish me. He is angry because I wasn't walking my rounds like I'm supposed to. But he probably answers: "My sword is leaning against the wall over there." before going back to sleep because he fails to realize any of that.

If we were to go by that reading, Greater Immunity to mind control would be an even greater curse, in that a person would not be able to respond to requests etc. But that's explicitly not the case in tCatC, since that sort of difficulty is modeled by a separate Flaw that characters with Greater Immunity to mind control often, but not always, have.

Note that lesser immunity to mind reading is not immunity to all uses of Folk Ken. It's just immunity from having others directly learn from interaction with you those thoughts of yours you want to keep hidden (a specific hazard, that's probably common but not directly deadly).