(Lesser & not) Craft Magic

One question about Lesser Craft Magic and Craft Magic:
I've writting the lab details to Hermetic Enchanted Items,and now i am making the same for Hedge Enchanted Items. One Silver or Rowan Mask to see invisible beings...
Having that the base is the ease factor of the object (9 in this case), +5 for increase the range to touch, i am thinking about the base duration of the Second Sight ability, is it Momentary, Concentration or Sun?
That makes the final level dances between 18, 23 and 28; all depending about hte duration. I think that is Concentration; and for that the Mask grant the way to see spirits and others similar beings when you bear her.

Craft Magic from HoH: Societas does not use "Base Duration." Unfortunately, it is one of the least clear sections of any Ars Magica book - the rules are very murky.

The example for enchanted items is different than for charged items. I will outline the two systems here:

  1. RULE as suggested by CHARGED ITEMS:

The Ability base level is only just that - a base level. Duration, Range and, presumably, uses/day must be added as normal.

For Second Sight rolls of 9, you would need 9 (+1 touch, +2 Sun, + 0 uses/day OR + 1 Conc, +X uses/day)
Assume "Sun" duration.

9 + 5 + 10 means you need a roll of Second Sight + Inscription/Material bonuses limited by Craft Score + Aura + Attribute + stress die >/ 24.

  1. RULE as suggested by ENCHANTED ITEMS

The Item takes as granted that Hermetic enchantment rules don't fit well for non-hermetic effects. Range and Duration are taken as given by the effect - unless the effect requires greater exertion or power for longer duration, then the item doesn't either.

Second Sight is an ability which is, for all intents and purposes, "always on," and its broad target is part of the power of the ability. Therefore when attempting to create the mask, roll:

Second Sight + Perception + Inscription/Material Bonus limited by Craft Score + Aura + Stress die.

Whatever the result of that roll is the fixed power of the mask. So if you roll a total of 21, whenever someone wore that mask, they would have a constant power of Second Sight roll of 21.

Before an SG allows a player to make a Craft Magic character, this should be cleared up completely.

Craft Magic has sometimes been criticised as overpowered. Theoretically, a blacksmith Craft Magus could make a (Charged Item) Horseshoe every day.

Having said that, option 2 makes much more sense unless the power is something which does not require a roll. A great many supernatural abilities do not follow hermetic ways of thinking for durations and targets and ranges. The fact that they translate poorly is why they remain separate from hermetic magic.

Requiring rolls of 24 to have even a minimally useful effect make Craft Magic as a whole a pointless exercise.

If an SG thinks that Craft Magic has balance problems, they should make a Diedne fix of adding a special flaw attached to Craft Magic - perhaps adding Slow Caster or a Necessary Condition related to their Craft, depending on how bad they see the balance issue being.

I understood that the Base is the Total to use the Ability, but need it the Range, Duration and Objective added.
Thanks by your opinion, some more?