Lets Kill

We just recently got this game, Love it so far, but we have a few questions.

I played "Pundit" to take a media event from someone, I was trying to take "Eye Witness". The question is: does the victim that was originally obtained with eye witness go with it when the card is stolen or does it stay in the incident, or is it discarded.

Second question: if a card causes the person who originally got 20 points to go below 20, and no one else got over 20 during the last turn, does the game still end, or does it continue?

Third question: if a person got 20 by playing "The Last Bullet" does the game actually end, since according to the wording in the rules the game would end on they're next turn, but the wording on the card says they are out of the game, do they technically have no next turn, or do they have a turn and just can't do anything?


Aaron here! Thanks for picking up the game! I'm glad you're enjoying it.

I believe Eye Witness says that the victim is treated as a media card, so it would be all yours. I can see this sort of thing happening on a talk-show, what with people's memories being such fragile and unreliable archives.

It doesn't matter how many points the winner has, as long as she's got more than everybody else.

I'm a big fan of weird edge cases. The ancient gods of unintended consequences never sleep. In this case, I think your initial interpretation is correct: the player has points, but no further turns, and so the game wouldn't end with him. He'd be locked into his current score while the other players gleefully play on to get more points than him, possibly mocking him every time his turn would have come up. I think the best time for The Last Bullet to be played would be in response to someone else declaring victory.