Let's talk Ars Magica!

I'm sure I have CJ's physical address somewhere in my mail archive, PM me to get it since I don't think this is a secure channel <\whispers>

Sir Terry is a wise man.

Or we can work together offline to do it and save ourselves the fees (beyond what paypal might take).


No honestly, I'll sort this one. Unfortunately the webcam I bought came with a tiny 3" disc, and as I have a vertical CD drive it will just fall out. (Not that my cd drive actually opens any more) I have been to the website and found the drivers, but not the install software. Oh happy days! :wink: I'll get there. I'll try and return the headphones later today :frowning:

cj x

As one of CJs resident IT minions, I keep offering him a new and upgraded PC.
He keeps saying no. (Until thursday last when we recorded the podcast! New PC for CJ! :smiley: )
One of the other podcasts I do even offered us a decent spare mike as a loan after hearing the audio quality...
Should a kickstarter (I personally don't like indiegogo as the whole "get the money anyway" part seems to invite people to propose things they don't have the rights to (see the battery of Half Life and similar web series proposed there)) be successful, I shall allow for a secure shipping address for the item(s) if needed.
Oh, and kickstarter does work in the UK, you just need to be aware that HM C&I regard value and price as the same thing. (Having been hit with a £40 import tax on some items, as the freebies sent in addition were valued at $200 a piece.)

~Wow. Stream of consciousness typing due to excess caffeine makes this hard to read even after editing for clarity...
Ia ia shub tytalus!

OK, so now I'm back on the forum after a short absence -- (Becky having some fairly heavy medical hassles and Ph.D amendments woes has kept me busy, and OK I ran Ars last night for Janus, Darkwing & co.) and I find the evil plot has materialised! In fact, it has taken a very physical form! Please, please, do take a moment to skim through my blog post here -- jerome23.wordpress.com/2013/10/2 ... -kindness/

And once again, my sincere, humble thanks! :smiley:

cj x


Does this mean we shouldn't read it? :wink:
Or do you have enough plot potential already?

Not plot related, just pure awesome :slight_smile:

If anyone is around tonight at 23.00 GMT (one hour from now) I'll try another Google Hangout and post details here. :slight_smile:

cj x

Ok the URL for tonight's chat starting in 30 minutes is plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7ecp ... 0?hl=en-GB

cj x

No-one want's to talk with us?

Sorry, my computer can't run the requisite software... :frowning:

We'll, really short notice. :smiley:

Too true - and some technical problems as well :frowning:

I was late but I would have signed up if I had been around.

I always enjoy a good hang out where you can just chat about Ars.


Please see https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/a-sincere-apology/8353/1

Isn't it just chrome with a couple of plugins? (Because I thought chrome had a fairly small footprint.)


I'm not sure, but for what it's worth, Chrome doesn't work for me either. Doesn't really matter though, I live in rural Canada so my (disturbingly expensive) internet plan is about 20 GB/month making any sort of real-time communication unfeasible.

Fair enough!

Well, I helped CJ record ArcX#12, so he's uploading it for general consumption. :slight_smile: