Let's talk Ars Magica!

I have had rather a lot on my plate recently -- in fact so much so the table has collapsed and plunged through seven floors of my tower. There are vague glimmerings of light in the distance, but I appear to be working harder than ever before, for very little reward. :wink:

Anyway, that, life events and running Grand Tribunal have taken so much time our Arcane Connection podcast has been on hiatus for a couple of months. I'm not planning an episode dedicated to Hibernia, the latest release, and am thinking of trying to record some content. However generally I feel the need for a break, so here is my suggestion -- at 11.30pm (23.30 GMT) tonight I plan to try an (unofficial) Google Hangout. Would anyone be interested in a 30 minute chat about Ars, Hibernia, and maybe using that opportunity to schedule some recordings for the podcasts too?

I have never used Google Hangout -- but I'm going to try, if anyone is interested. My user name is chrisjensenromer. So anyone up for this?

cj x

I'd be willing to try, but have never used hangout before either and so might not be able to.

Edit: Tragically, technology conspires against me yet again. I'm out. :frowning:

Certainly, though I might not actually show up, as I'm an hour ahead of GMT.

Will try though.

I'm in Central daylight time five hours ahead of you, that makes it 6:30 for me when I'll be with my two boys and no other adults. I won't make it I'm sad to say, oddly it's even a tiny bit more sad because I use google hangouts on a weekly basis for work.

If I can make it work I will try other times Erik. What GMT times would suit you?

My mad math skills say that's 7:30 on the east coast of the US. I can be there.

OK I'm not sure I understand Google Hangouts. I've started a Hangout, but it looks like i have to invite people?

Anyone know better how to use this thing?

cj x

If you want to joinj us drop me a pm with an email!

Well, that was fun.
If we try this again, I'll be there if I can :slight_smile:

My mad math skills must have failed me, if I missed it already. :frowning:

I only noticed CJs mail about this a short while ago this morning.

What the deuce is a Hangout? Voice, video, or text only? While I'd like to participate I can't say that I have any sort of hardware for this. Wait, doesn't an iPad have those fancy new gizmos? But I still need to know that it is and how it works.

If CJ tries again maybe I can join in. I'm willing to talk about whatever. Even the unlikely suggestions for sordid ArM books brought up late sunday night after GT, at the bar, when only the Norwegians, the local Cheltenhammians (?) and myself were present. Things not possible to mention on an open channel.

You should be able to use it via iPad, yes. It is a google service similar to skype, but improved for multicalls. It includes image and sound. The one speaking appears in the screen of the others IIRC. Combined with google drive you can also add writing to the media used.


So it's a "video-phone" for those of us old enough to known old school SF. Thanks Xavi.

Count me in then for next time (provided I'm available), I now know I (should) have the requisite hardware to participate. And being CET the time zone issue should not be as worrisome for me if CJ sets something up.

Three of us on a video-call, with a 4th person joining us on chat.

Also, cj needs a head-set.
Could someone set up a kick starter campaign for buying cj a head set please? I personally have no experience with doing so, but understand that you can only start projects from certain countries.

I got the call as I was rushing out the door for work...globe...time zones. Sorry.

It's only video with 7 or less participants. I have used it once for a uni class I was doing.

As for the CJ headset kickstarter - I'm in. And you could use indiegogo instead if you are a non-American. Of course you'd need to get CJ to agree to accept charity.

Alternatively one of you guys who went to Cheltnam and know where he lives could tip off a co-conspirator and we could just have amazon.uk drop one off on him. All anonymous secret-society like.

Yeah, because CJ will NEVER read this thread and will not suspect anything. What sneaky wicked dudes we are. :laughing: Going to cheltenham means that we need to wait 10 months for that, though.

No, Xavi: we just need to know where he lives. The Amazon redcaps will do the rest...

OK, that's awfully tempting...

It's not charity if you're doing it for selfish purposes, right? I mean, he needs a headset for the benefit of everyone involved, right?