LFG Ars Magica 5th ed

I'd like to take part in an online Ars Magica campaign exclusively as a player, preferably long-term. Any timezone, most date/times available. While I'm looking for a long term campaign I'll happily do a one shot with you or your group so gauge if we're a good fit or if it serves some other purpose.

This system/game is a long-term interest of mine, so if you're looking for a player for Ars some time from now feel free to send me a PM about it regardless.
I've been playing rpgs for about 25 years, no GMing. Any number of game-titles, but I've only done Ars Magica for 10-15 sessions about 8 years ago. I'll need to relearn everything, but that'll go fast enough.

Fantasy Grounds License: Standard (FG is an online rpg-aid software that is quite useful. It lets you automate die-rolls for various abilities, giving you the result with the click of a button. Ideal for a complicated system like Ars Magica. Ars is not officially supported but have its own sub-community that mod the software to support it unofficially. Not in any way required, but would be useful.)
Time Zone: Any (I'm at GMT+1 but it matters not)
Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Any
Term: Long term campaign
Voice: Yes, highly preferred. Any software. I have studio-quality hardware.
System Experience: 10-15 sessions. Knew the rules fairly well (I don't any more) and have some insight into the setting and Magi's role in it.
FG Experience: I have quite a few FG-sessions under my belt from various systems, both supported and not. No Ars experience in FG tho.
Character Type Preferred: Illusionist and/or Hypnotist.

About Me: I'm a 40 yo European. More to the point I enjoy an immersive style of game-play, as opposed to goofiness. I enjoy spending time with my character to find ways of making him come to life as it were. This also means I like tinkering with Covenant-stuff.

Regarding game-play I like both social interactions, discovery, and combat. I'm not particular about the balance, but if the game doesn't contain at least two of these elements it gets boring for me. I tend to make characters who are able to take part in each of these game-aspects in a meaningful way.

The characters I play tend to have morals based in the setting. If you're comfortable seeing a player-controlled pet nobleman having his servant whipped for letting a tray fall, I'm your man. If you're comfortable seeing a player-controlled Magi having a predominately pragmatic stance on morals, I'm your man.

Otherwise we play to have fun. The participants are more important than the characters, and the latter is designed to accommodate the former.

Please let me know if you're in need of a player for Ars Magica. Also, I would appriciate tips on where to get in contact with people who might have a spot for a new player.


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