Library Consultation in Ancient Magic

The rules on page 68 allow a character to keep looking at the same set of books repeatedly without limit.

The byproduct of this is that any arbitraty set of tractatus for a subject will contain any arbitrary fact at all. It is foreordained that if you study a any four tractatus on order of hermes lore lore long enough you can find the location of Notatus's lab notes for Aegis of the Hearth (or, to take the rule to it's logical conclusion, any one tractatus).

Thoughts? I think that the time wasteing aspect of this will prevent it from becomming a problem for magi, but I can imagine a wealthy magus hireing a scribe (grog) to research for him for years.

What is the actual mechanic for this?

The book advises that the research rules in Covenants can be used but an alternate system is presented for situations where more detail would serve to tell a better story.

The character may read a number of tomes equal to his intellegence + artes liberales, the charcter gets full experience from all of the tomes but only for purposes of answering one specific question. Tractatus can be read any number of times for this, sumae can be read but once.

There are some further details regarding how quickly one forgets the knowlege and spending extra time to create study notes so you can come back to the problem later but the above is the gist of it.

Is that something like studying The Bible , because of all the secret messages encoded in it?
Barbara Thiering and the Pesher technique is more what i was thinking of.
Not of course assuming that the Dead Sea Scrolls are in use.