Library of Carnacis

The next posts will detail the library as it appeared at your earliest Gauntlet. Authors, please add your books in new posts, with dates of availability.

Edit: whew. . . added volumes through Corpus. Should finish the Library by this weekend

Open to all members of the covenant, as well as to guests.

Foundation of Creation
Creo L6 Q21
Poor Quality Copy of Foundation of Creation
Creo L6 Q 18
Muto L5 Q15
Foundation of Destruction
Perdo L5 Q15
On Animals
Animal L5 Q15
Philosophic Anatomy
Corpus L5 Q15
Fundamental Stone Magics
Terram L5 Q 15
Ars Magica
Vim L6 Q21
Second Flames
Ignem L12 Q 16
Magical Control
Rego L11 Q 17
Concerning Living Beasts
Animal L14 Q 17
Minerals and Stones
Terram L12 Q 19
On Divination
Intellego L7 Q 15
The Magical Use of Plants
Herbem L12 Q 13
Weather and Air
Aurem L12 Q11
Ruminations of Pure Magic
Vim L12 Q10
Conjurations of Flames
Creo Q9
Ignem Q9
Magical Properties of Silkworms
Muto Q10
Animal Q10
Canceling Magic
Vim Q 10
Perdo Q10
Water Sprites of Morbihan
Aquam Q 9
Animals of the Ancients
Animal Q 7
Darkness from Light
Ignem Q9
Concerning the Binding of Ghosts
Mentem Q11
False Sounds
Imaginem Q8
Subtle Improvements
Creo Q13
The Peripheral Code of Normandy
Order of Hermes Lore L 3 Q 9
Code of Hermes L3 Q9
Hermetic Magic (A study of Bonisaginus's Principia Magica)
Magic Theory L4 Q 12
Morbihan Bay
Area Lore [Morbihan] L3 Q 10
History of [Covenant] Vol. 1
Covenant Lore Q 8 – Written in Ancient Greek
History of [Covenant] Vol. 1I
Covenant Lore Q 8 – Written in Ancient Greek
History of [Covenant] Vol. 1II
Covenant Lore Q 8 – Written in Ancient Greek

Open by invitation only, with permission of the the Senior Council.

Members of Carnacis are given a Ceremonial key after 20 years of service, to allow unrestricted access to the Grand Library.

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Applications of the Forms
L 10 Q 17

Applications of the Forms
L 10 Q 12 (Damaged copy)

Healing and Reinforcement of Health
A Seedling Observed
Q 13 each

Summoning the Form of Steel
Q 10 Creo
Q 10 Terram

Summoning the Form of Wood
Q10 Creo
Q10 Herbem

An Essay on Conjuring the Mystic Tower
Q 9 - Written by the Carnacis maga who created the Three Towers. Her sigil was "threes" and the three towers are each three sided, divided into three stone floors (although wooden floors between to give each tower six usuable floors) and three long spires reaching to the Heavens.

Observation on Casting the Conjuration of the Mystic Tower
Q7 - by the apprentice of the above.


Methods of Transfigurations
L 14 Q 12

Taking the Shape of Beasts
Q 10

Modifications of the Human Form
Q 10 Muto
Q 10 Corpus

The Power of Changing Forms
Q 10

Natural Changes
Q 9

Defeating a Foe by Application of Muto Magica
Q 7

Overcoming the Impossible by Changing the Possible

Aurelia's contributions:

1175, Winter: Known Changes in the World of Our Lord, Muto Tractatus Qua 12

1178, Winter: Accepting the Love of Angels, Dominion Lore Tractatus Qua 12

1179, Winter: Standing on Rooftops, how to aim for a Demon, Infernal Lore Summae Lvl 2 Qua 12

1180, Winter: My Insights into Rhuys, Church Lore Tractatus Qua 12

1182, Winter: My Thoughts on the Delicate Threads of Magic, Vim Tractatus Qua 12

1184, Winter: De Mysteriis, Magic Theory Tractatus Qua 12

1186, Winter: Flora, Pagan Goddess, God's Creation, Herbam Tractatus Qua 12

1188, Winter: Joy of Weater, Auram Tractatus Qua 12

1190, Winter: The Naiad's Vision, Aquam Tractatus Qua 12

1192, Winter: Index of Quality Materials, Terram Tractatus Qua 12

1194, Winter: Fertility Rites and Creations from the Platonic Realm, Creo Tractatus Qua 12


On Divination, Vol. 2
L 13 Q 15

L16 Q 10

Conjuring the Hidden Image
Q 12

Sound and Thunder
Q 11

Things Unseen (Vol 1 of 4 volume set)

Things Unheared (Vol 2)

Things Unfelt (Vol 4)

A Tractatus on the Species of a Certain Breed of Moth


On Perdo
L 15 Q 16

Removing Qualia
Q 12

Discussion of Darkness and Cold
Q 10 Perdo
Q10 Ignem

Qlippoth (In Hebrew)

Ending the Foe
Q12 Perdo
Q10 Corpus

Discussion on the Wound that Weeps
Q9 Perdo
Q9 Mastery of Wound the Weeps

Discussion on the Invisible Blade
Q9 Perdo
Q9 Mastery of the Invisible Blade

Lab Text

PeCo 20 The Invisible Blade
As The Wound that Weeps, but causes a Medium wound. The wound appears like a deep sword gash in the target. Sigils are generally expressed in the appearance of the gash.


L 16 Q 15

Natural Changes Made Evident
L 10 Q 10

Warding Against Spirits of the Night
Q 10

Movement and the Art of Rulership
Q 10

Enchantment on Motive Spirit
Q 14

Concerning the Unnatural Laws

The Lord of Trees


Untitled series of summae on Animal (personal notes and journals, apparently by Salmo of Bjornaerand, put together with commentary by other wizards)
L20 Q6

Harvesting the Bounty of Nature
Q 12

Conjuring Mundane Beasts
Q 12

Sanguine Beasts
Q 10

Choloric Beasts
Q 10

Melencholic Beasts
Q 10

Phlegmatic Beasts
Q 10

Forging Familier Bonds
Q 9


Storm Magic
Q 15

Comfort of Breezes
Q 12

On Wards Against the Airy Spirits
Q 10


The Nature of the Waters
L 12 Q 10

Q 12

Elementals of Water
Q 10

From Grape to Wine
Q 10 Aquam
Q 10 P/Winemaker


The Magic of Man
L 10 Q 15

In His Image
L15 Q 15

Spells of Wounding (Part of a Nine volume set on Corpus Magic prepared by three magi in Iberia)
Q 10

Spells of Healing (Part of a Nine volume set on Corpus Magic prepared by three magi in Iberia)
Q 10

Spells of Control (Part of a Nine volume set on Corpus Magic prepared by three magi in Iberia)
Q 10

Spells of Transmutation (Part of a Nine volume set on Corpus Magic prepared by three magi in Iberia)
Q 10

Death Delayed
Q 9