library plans

spring 1236: assign Adan to copy lab notes (600 levels!) for trade, assign Draganna (no magi have claimed her time) to instruct a group of 30 young recruits chosen for their precocious eloquence or signs of being potentially good teachers in the language of Latin (5 good teacher+7 teaching+1 language bonus+3 general teaching bonus=16 points, 19 if apt student), purchase a lesser text on magic theory(Principles of Magic)- level 4, quality 10- net 578 qp credit for future trade
summer 1236: assign Maris (so far no other claims on time) to teach the recruits Latin (SQ; com:3+good teacher:5+teaching:(7+2)+3=20, 23 if apt student)
according to artes and acadamie 5 of the 36 points can be diverted to artes liberals, allowing these 30 students the ability to copy texts, albeit with no skill in scribe, or ability to read for comprehension (in Latin, they can comprehend a 'vulgar' text)
Autumn 1236: assign Adan to copy Principles of Magic 4 times. students free season.

So far it looks like a good plan. Though realistically only half the students or less will be potential scholars or scribes. However, there is an expressed desire from Carmen and Vocis that soldiers and staff also be taught Latin. Maybe they can become scribes when they retire. But regardless, having a common language that fits our desired international flavor is essential.
Draganna also has a Lycanthropy problem which you can make a grog story out of if you want. :slight_smile:

I was planning to recruit primarily youth from town at this point- not all will make the cut but I'm hoping at least 10 good writers will come out of this project.
Winter 1237: assign Marius to teach Latin- 20xp per student, presuming he is not needed by a magus, brings students to 51 xp in latin, enough to learn from texts. Purchase books on Arabic, Hebrew, and ancient Greek in Latin, level 5 quality 12 each (27 qpx3= 81 qp, 497 qp remaining)

Spring 1237: Adan makes 4 more copies of Principles of Magic, other 4 copies are distributed amongst 14 student for copying in sections- total of another 21 copies (end of season 30 total copies), remaining students will copy tracti - starting with the highest quality tracti available excluding parma magica or arts:El Poema de mio Cid, On Starmetal, The Flambeau Apocrypha, Reaching the Unreachable, The Slow Blade, The Accurate Eye, Exploring the Boundaries(3 students, one tractus each), Lecito and Disputiatio, In Consideration of Hipocrates and the Art of Corpus, Metephysica I & III, Sword of Hermes, The Oath and Code of Hermes(2 of the 3 tracti are copied).

exposure in Latin

Summer 1237: Marcus teaches class Latin- total of 73 at this point, Adan reads book on Ancient Greek

Autumn 1237: students season off,

Were is all the qp coming from?

first season, we had Adan copy lab texts in the library for sale on the redcap network, which we took as credit against future purchases.

Even the most expensive text is only one qp per four levels. And at least in character creation handwave sales backs at only 40% of normal value which is 60qp, at least if I'm understanding the rules right.

You got it mixed up. qp stands for Quarter Pawns. Books cost Quality plus Level. Which is a full pawn for every four levels etc. So a Quality 10 Level 10 summa is valued at 4 pawns of vis. 4 pawns is valued at equivilent to 48L silver in the Andorra economy.

shouldn't that be 5 pawns? 10quality+10 levels=20 which divided by 4 is 5...

Lab texts, not Summae, I think I wasn't clear about that. Anyway I'll leave this to people who have more experience with the Economic House rules now. :slight_smile:

I misread and thought the version in the house rules thread said 1 qp per level of lab text.
So what he copied would have been worth 120 qp, and what has been spent thus far would stil be 103 qp, so we would have 27 qp left.

I goofed on my math :blush:
Level 10/Quality 10 has a value of five pawns of vis (20qp).
For Lab Texts though, you miscalculate. The value is 1qp per five levels. So 120 levels is worth 24qp, or six pawns of vis, or 72lbs silver.
Mind you that values can fluctuate. Premium and special texts are worth more, Abilities multiply the level, and you can make a story of negotiation to obtain a better bargain.

It was 600 levels, I already divided by 5 to get 120

Oh, well, there you go. that is indeed a lot. whom is the trade presumed to being conducted with?

various covenants via the redcap network- send out a general listing to see what interest there is (probably was done in winter 1236) and then sell to those interested.

When do the Redcaps bring the Colentes Folio by our covenant? /this should be every 7 years and we will hopefully have enough scribes by the next visit to copy a significant amount of the information which is being made available. Also is there any way to get a list of what the contents will be?

Lucas will be very interested in this plan, and will talk to Adan at length about how the covenant library can be augmented.

Given discussions elsewhere, I think it might be a good idea to see what kind of relationship we can establish between the Mercere library and the Andorran Library. They are likely to have quite the collection of texts on academic or non-arcane subjects...

I'm very curious to hear what kind of a library the Mercere guildhouse has on site.

But that aside, maybe it's time for Lucas to take a trip to Harco to see what kind of a book trade deal we can make.

I'm afraid fightmaster had most of the information gathered about scribes and what they were doing. I don't know that he posted that anywhere. Does anyone know if that data exists in written form in the forum or do we just have to fudge it the best we can?

actually, I compiled that here

we decided that scribal quality does not add to text quality, I don't know that we ever decided how craft quality of a scribe did apply...
I also have no idea which books Fightmaster had decided who would copy when...