Library/Vis stores/covenant items

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Solitude starts without a library, you will have to cooperate during those first seasons.

You can trade books with magi from other covenants at tribunal a character attends or if a character uses a season for it.
Book trades are based on build point value - so you give away (copies of) books worth 40 bp and get books worth 40 bp. You can only trade art books for art books and ability books for ability books.
I will do the book-keeping in this thread. Please do not post in it.

If you trade away summae, you can only acquire summae in return whose level is limited to the highest summa you trade away.
Only at a tribunal, you can trade away up to three copies of the same book (if fewer copies are traded away, the other copies cannot be sold later). Otherwise a copy of a book can only be traded away once. Books acquired by trade cannot be traded away at all.

Corebook-spells invented at Solitude can be traded for other corebook spells 1:1.
Other labtexts (non-corebook spells, enchantments) made at Solitude are less interesting for other magi, lowering the ratio to 2:1.
The number of copies that can be sold is handled the same way as for books.

Vis can be traded at Tribunal the following rates
2p form : 1p technique
1p form : 1 p form
On other occasions, a magus can get those rates if he spends a season on trading, or can use the Redcaps (rules from HoH:TL)

There are more complex trades, of course, like a gently gifted apprentice and a longevity ritual for two magical cats useable as familiars plus a few tractatus. I'll handle those situations when they arise.

You don't have to roll dice, but:
Success on a communication+bargaining roll can get you a better deal, a poor result means you get less. Only magi can make those deals.

All of this is not the most realistic way of dealing with things, but keeps book-keeping doable.

end of spring 1221 (pre-tribunal)

vis sources:
Animal: 10 pawns/a
Rego: 1pawn/a

Covenant Central hole: animals (or humans) can be sacrificed by throwing them into the the central hole of the covenant. The vis is found in the shattered bodies.

The Stone Throne (1p Rego vis) - in a shallow cave near the road that winds along the road towards Le Puy, St. Avery heard the tell-tale tinkling of vis; upon exploring the cave, he discovered a recess, which led into a larger cavern. There, a row of stalagmites and stalactites had merged, forming a natural pillared hall of limestone, dripping with water and moss. At the end of the hall was a small pool, laying in front of a larger boulder. In the right light (shining down from vents in the ceiling), the pool would shimmer, and the contours of the boulder made it look almost like a crude throne. During that time the water sparkled, as though an ordination unguent for a newly-crowned pagan king.
The Cathedral of the Stone Throne has an Aura of 2; the throne and pool itself have an aura of 3. Harvesting the water grants 1p of Rego vis; In lieu of harvesting the yearly vis, the Crowning of the King may be studied as a magical phenomena (Covenents, pg. 101) for the equivalent of 6 pawns of Rego vis.

Animal: 20 pawns from the caldera
Vim: 6 pawns extracted from the aura

lab texts
Hiding the Covenant Stairs PeIm25
The Chirurgeon's Healing circle CrCo20 (3 copies)
Lifting the dangling puppet ReCo 15
Summoning the Distant Image (InIm 25)
Veil of Invisibility (PeIm 20)
Loss of But a Moment's Memory (PeMe 15)
Disguise of the Transformed Image (MuIm 15)
Words of the Unbroken Silence (CrMe 10) +15
Wizard's Sidestep (ReIm 10)
The Call to Slumber (ReMe 10)
Silence of the Smothered Sound (eye) (PeIm 15) +15
Listen to the Witch-bell chimes (35) - which is Sight of the Active Magic (AM5 pg. 159) but for hearing. (3 sopies)
Circular Ward vs. Dragons (25) (3 sopies)
Summon Airy Spirit of Magic (20) (3 sopies)
Dragon's Eternal Oblivion (10) (3 sopies)

"La lenga del trobar" (L5Q115 Latin: Occitan) by Consistori dels Sept Trobadors
"An introduction and speculation on rarified magical essence" (L6Q10 Latin: Vim) by St. Avery ex Bonisagus (4 copies)
"The Kingly Way: fundamentals of righteous command" (L6Q10 Latin: Rego) by St. Avery ex Bonisagus (4 copies)