Light of Andoria

First off you guys are awesome and I love your adventures.

I just have one question: Giving Hermetic Membership to a Dragon? Gosh, lets give the dragon who wants to spread information around the right to trade and buy all of our secrets. Also set the precedent for letting all of his children in the Order. I'm positive they won't form any sort of voting bloc to mess with us.

Well this way if he trades our secrets to our enemies, we can just march him :slight_smile:

I am fascinated to see how it all plays out

I did not expect a marriage proposal as fallout from the Dragon's story. Excellent roleplaying, and an excellent twist!

Yes, but what about the three busty gingers?
Gingers are people, too, you know!

There is a time honored solution to fix disagreements between wizards: WIZARD WAR! KILL THE SKANK WHO STOLE THE VERDI!

There is no verdi...

Isn't Vulcanus a Verdi? Checks character sheet Nope, he just has Verdi magic. Close enough. KILL THE SKANK WHO STOLE THE VERDI MAGIC GUY!

Vulcanus is of House Flambeau :smiley:

Magical Creatures are made of vis. Owlbears definitely sound magical. Kill it and take its stuff!

that is a valid point :wink:

As I mentioned in the recruitment thread, I'm going to be in the peanut gallery. :grin:

The Principality of Andorra has several very interesting historical notes especially Roc de les Bruixes and the stories regarding Charlemagne.