limitations of Structure targetted enchanted device

As a fan of towers that wizards occupy, I have been thinking about enchanted items that hide said towers. eg invisibility, change appearance to tree, et al.

However, in the case of a structure that has an enchanted item that makes the structure invisible, what happens when something from outside the structure grows on it?
eg ivy or a rose bush.

Ivy I would probably count the same way as clothes do when you cast an invisibility spell on person/s using Individual or Group. Technically not inside the tower but since the invisibility is going to include the tower itself and not just the things inside it makes more sense if it behaves closer Individual than certain other uses of the Structure target.

EDIT: I definitely would not stop a person from inventing a spell that specifically did not make the ivy invisible as well if they thought it was cooler to make it so the ivy looked like it was growing in air but that’s a particular case of a player wanting to do something fun by a particular sense of fun.

I suspect it is not quite the same case.
Take this clothed invisible person, standing next to some growing ivy, then ReHe the Ivy to wrap around and attach to the invisible person.
Should the ivy be invisible? (at the next casting of Invisibility)

I think the question is rather, if you are invisible and put on another piece of clothing which is not invisible, does this clothing become invisible?

I think any clothes or ivy present before the spell is cast would clearly be invisible, unless the spell is explicitly designed otherwise.

Even though the ivy is rooted in the ground???

So's the tower, I'd assume?


What @Tellus said. It is effectively part of the structure, as much as the clothes are part of the magus.

So the constant effect refreshes twice a day. How fast does ivy grow in half a day and on that first day when the ivy has started growing on the building it will be visible but that sunrise or sunset it is now like clothes worn at the time of casting.

The stranger issue seems to me to be the windows where light will stream out at night, not being shaded by the invisible structure.

It might be best to use Individual with size modifiers anyway so people inside can see and not everything is invisible for those inside. Also to avoid warping everyone.

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This is actually my main worry.

There is a ring/circle spell, ReIm I think, which prevents the species from escaping the circle. Thus the inhabitants can see each other, while remaining visible to the outsiders.

I think a structure variant of this would be possible.

To me, the contents of the structure is part of the structure, so neither light nor people can be seen through the windows. However, living inside an invisible structure must be quite a taxing experience.

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Couldn't it just be a bigger circle?

The light won’t be invisible though, Im doesn’t affect light, that is clear by the rules so windows that aren’t solidly shuttered will have light spilling out of them which is probably not an issue during the day but at night it would be.

EDIT: this being sort of the opposite of an invisible person still having a shadow, the building provides a shadow from these indoor lights everywhere but the windows.

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Sure, but the circle is more fragile than a structure.

RIght, so this would result in a eerily lit area around the tower, with no discernible light source I suppose. If Im does not affect light, then light is not species, and hence cannot be seen either. Thus the light source would be invisible, but the light causes the surrounding land to emit species.

How on Earth does Aristotelean physics work?

I tried to point out the basics of species here.
In particular Iconic species and their dependence on light are explained in HoH:S p.61ff Species. @Mark_Shirley goes into more detail here.