Limits on what a Magus can sell a mundane

I'm sure I've seen it somewhere but I can't find the reference.

I'm looking for any printed reference to Tribunal rulings on what type of items a Magus can sell to a mundane.

I seem to remember that different levels of society can be treated differently; say a single pawn of vis for the lowly and a rook of vis for the pope himself. That sort of thing.

Can anyone remember where these limits might be found?

Tribunals of Hermes: Rome, page 38.

There are also some crumbs in the HoHMC book...Verditius section

Is that a 3rd Edition book?

Yes, and loosely quoting from memory, you can't sell to a mundane any enchanted device that works permanently, only charged items, and there is a threshold on the value of the item, which I don't remember now, Serf's Parma, sorry.

As far as I remember, it's a ruling valid for the Rome Tribunal only, I don't seem to remember it was adopted by the Great Tribunal in canon, even if it is a sensible guideline that the whole Order could perfectly adopt in your saga.

Or items with an expiration date. Also note that you must work through intermediaries to sell anything.

Commoners: at most 1 pawn, items affects only itself or the holder.
Minor noble, bishop, merchant prince: at most 2 pawns, items affects only itself or the holder.
High noble, archbishop: at most 3 pawns, item can affect a single remote person.
King, cardinal: at most 4 pawns, item can affect several remote persons.

Items that can harm large masses of people are restricted for sale to magi only.


Thanks guys. I remember the Rome ruling but I was convinced that there was a 5th edition update on just that topic.

I can go with the Roman Tribunal ruling as a guideline.

Check out pg 16 of the 5th ed. main book - under the "Magical Items" heading.

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