Linguistic Merits

Are there enough Merits and Flaws?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I would like an Official Guideline for Creating my Own
  • I would like all published Merits and Flaws to be hosted on the FAQ

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True Lineages , page 25 :
Minor General Virtue
Linguist :
You are extremely proficient learning new languages.
All Study Totals for any Language are increased by a quarter ,
as are any experience points you put into any language at character generation.
Both Living and Dead Languages are augmented with this Virtue.

ArM 5 , page 40
Minor General Virtue
Affinity with (Ability)
Study Totals +50% , XP at C/G +50%
You may exceed the age-based cap during C/G (page 31) by Two Points

Say i wanted to take Affinity (Latin) as well as being a Linguist.
All Study Totals for Latin would be increased by three-quarters.
Starting Experience in Latin would be +75% , but still have a limit of 02 greater than the age cap (Under 30 is 05/07)

Any reason why this doesnt work?

I think that you merit would work fine. I can eaisily see some people learn languages more than twice as fast as others. (Like my wife for instance.)

Your poll has anwers that are not mutually incpompatible and had really wanted to vote for more than one.

but my take on the subject is,

The core book had only so much space to devote to virtues and flaw. While more would have been nice, you can run the game with what's there especailly given the breadth of some of the flaws like curse and dark secret. etc.

Yes the game needs more flaws, many more flaws (I'm speaking of flaws in the sens of the things that a character uses to pay for virtues not in the sense of the 4th edition perdo imagonem guidelines). Of course it's not to difficult to make them up yourself, you've got plenty of examples so no whineing is allowed.

Yes I'd love to see the David's take on creating virtues and flaws I know that someone (perhaps it was him) wrote up an article for either a later issue of Mythic perspectives or an early isse of Hermes Portal. I'm not certain that I'd like to see it enshrined as "official" but I'd be very interested in reading it.

In truth I susspect that the guidlines come down to how frequently something comes up in play. if it comes up often the virtue/flaw major, and if it comes up seldom it's a minor virtue/flaw.

Actually, there are possibly too many. Players manage their virtues, no problem, but SGs have to manage lots of flaws, much harder.

That was in Hermes' Portal #1 (and I wrote it). I think you can still get that as a back issue but if you can't, PM me and I can send you a copy of the manuscript. Keep in mind the article was written for 4th Edition and it seems ridiculously complicated by 5th Edition standards.

I don't think David adopted my system, but I do know he read the article (he mentioned it in a letter to the editor) and it may have helped convince him to simplify Virtues and Flaws for 5th Edition.

I voted that there are not enough flaws, but I agree the core book devoted as much room to this as it probably could. The suppluments are the place to get more virtues and flaws.

As for the rules question: no reason it wouldn't work, it seems fine.

I've seen your article and it was of use to me in a previous game, so thank you. (I though that david was the author, but I was mistaken.)

I only meant to say that I'd like to see David's take on it for fifth edition.

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there's clearly a lack of Virtues: just try designing a bunch of Ex Misc magi and see how soon you run out of non-Hermetic Major Virtues!