Linked spells in an enchanted item


Some I am thinking about an imbued item with a series of wards on it, with each spell triggering off of the previous spell's casting as a linked trigger.

Would it cast one spell a turn, until all of the spells are cast? Would the user have to do anything else, or could they do their own thing while the item powered up?


An effect triggered by a Linked Trigger (ArM5 p.99) "is triggered by the results of another effect in the same item". To provide a result, that other effect needs to be working, hence cast.

Can an already active effect in the same round trigger several other effects in that item with Linked Triggers? This looks like a troupe decision - to be taken after careful deliberation.

While I agree with OneShot, I'll note that some canon examples are technically backward. The reason I say this is that with MuVi in an item, it should be the MuVi firing off and then what it's affecting would be linked to it. But there is at least one example written backward.

I thought it took a virtue to put muVI in an item? Am I mis-remembering something?

It takes a virtue to allow a MuVi spell in an item to affect spells cast by someone who is not the item.

Normally MuVi effects in items can only affect the spells cast by the item itself.

Right, thanks!

I would have thought the base spell would have to trigger the MuVi spell, since there's no target to 'Muto' until the spell is being triggered. It's like saying 'My opponent might summon a horse, I should PeAn in preparation'.
This made me double check the rules for MuVi (p159 by the way) and the actual answer is the spells need to be cast at the same time, rather than one after the other. There's some fun interpretation of someone trying to say "Creo Ignem and Muto Vim!" at the same time, but I think the logical expectation is that the there's a moment where the spells form in the caster's mind and will (soul?) and the gestures and words impose that upon reality and the airy spirits. Either way, the rules that MuVi spells have to be fast-cast suggests that either spell can be the trigger and the other will jump in to help. Of course, you don't have a choice to cast both at once with that.

@StephenFleetwood I'm curious what you were thinking at for the original item. A wand that you wave, and wards just pop onto the weilder, one after the other? I think you could actually just make it so that 2-3 spells have the same activation triggers.

Simbul's spell matrix on a wand?

I don't think it would work, but a "contigency" type of spell/item, limited to one instance, I think it would be great to have (& possible).

No, that is not what the MuVi spells say. Here is what David Chart publicly said about it way back in 2007:

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@raccoonmask I was thinking something that put up, say a ward vs steel, then a ward vs mundane animals, then a ward vs fire, then a ward vs creatures with might. Basically a broad range set of protective powers for someone to trigger at the start of a problem and then forget about the item.

Well, the rules say you can instill multiple effects to a single trigger, though I didn't see evidence that only one spell goes off a round that way. I think that they all go off on the same round for protection.


I think the only limit that is actually given is you cannot do an activation more than once in a round, not that an item cannot fire off more than one in a round, right?


I think this is correct.

So a single activation can be the trigger for multiple effects, which all go off simultaneously.

If the activation only triggers one effect, which in turn triggers another, and so on, I would expect the effects to not go off simultaneously. Since the Hermetic 'clock tick' is Mom, I would expect at least that much time to elapse between effects that cascade in this way.

So we can have a device with three effects, the first a teleportation effect that teleports the device to a place the magus specifies (and to which he has an AC) during activation, the second an effect that creates a giant fireball and is triggered by the first effect going off, and a third effect that returns the device to the magus triggered by the second effect has gone off. Ok, maybe a fourth effect, to make the device extremely resistant to fire.

Of course, if the magus has an AC to some location, he can learn a fireball spell at AC range and just cast that. Or create a fireball item using AC range.



There is indeed no specification given, how many effects with Linked Trigger can be triggered at once in an item. That is for your troupe to decide.

With a big enough blast and the fast-movement interpretation of instant travel, you just made a hypersonic nuke 800 years ahead of schedule, and yours is reusable with no fallout.


Yes, that's what I was thinking.