List of all books about Arts, Arcane or Mundane topics

Hi all,

I made this compilation of books as spreadsheet referenced to particular Ars book which contains the details.

It would be great if you look at that and give some feedback how to make it even better! :slight_smile:

Feel free to download it!
All of the InGame Books


I believe I did a very similar list in Sub Rosa #9, which was reviewed here

I don't think I've updated it to go to where you probably go, but I did have other books in there, too


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@Ben_McFarland : Thanks a lot! That Sub Rosa #9 is supercool, I've never checked that before. Really nice job!

Thanks, this is very useful. Do we have your permission to download it and use it for reference?

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@MSduPre : Of course you can download it and use it! It would be my pleasure to see it is used. :slight_smile:


I've saved it in the same folder as the Grand Grimoire, under the title "Liber Librorum".


There are some things where your list and the books now disagree. David Chart decided to change the interpretation of Spell Mastery and general spells that showed up in several books, so now summas and tractatus on Spell Mastery for general spells are for a set level. You can find these in the errata.

@callen : Thank you very much for the info! I will check this when I have time.