List of Technique associations for animals?


Is there a list of technique associations for animals (as familiars), and does anyone have an idea of what a dog would be?


Either Animal or Mentem. He is a dog (animal) and he is the quintessence of loyalty (mentem) so both could work IMO. ANimal would be the best fit for me, but I could live with a player IMS arguing for Mentem.

That is a form association, not a techie association, though. For technique I would say Rego. So a dog would be Rego Animal.


Well, it depends on the powers of that magic dog and the art his might is associated with.
By default Creo is the relevant technique and either Animal or Vim the relevant form.

Intellego is an option for an investigating magi. A hunting dog would seem to fit.

I like this one! :smiley:


Of course any animal would fit with the Animal form. But this not helping for the familiar issue. IMO most animals should fit a second form also.

I usually rule that magical versions of animals contain Animal Vis. But even that should not be a hard rule.

For a dog, Rego and Mentem seem nice choices. It also depends on the special qualities the dog has:
Is it very good at camouflage (magical or mundane), choose Imaginem
Does it howl and travel with the mist, take Auram
Can its puppy eyes sway any man, it should have Mentem
You get the point...

Only Animal magic animals contain Animal Vis.

If the dog's Form is Ignem (a fire-breathing dog!) it's going to have Ignem Vis, so I dunno why you'd rule it have Animal.

A simple magical version of the animal (a superior, more ideal version) is probably going to be Animal, though.

Since it has not been mentioned, I 'd like to point out that there is such a list in RoP:Magic, on page 57.

In addition to the core rulebook guidelines, dogs are listed under Rego and Corpus (and Animal). Wolves add Mentem.