List your talismans

So, what talismans are out there in play? I'm mostly curious about what talismans PCs have, but would love to hear interesting ideas for more talisman.

So, I'll start. My Herbam specialist has a hoe as a talisman.

How about you?

My Bonisagus Seeker has a pair of silver spectacles that are able to see regio boundaries and improves intellego (sight only) power.

My necromancer carries the skull of his master as a tailsman.

He had an amulet made out of gravestone in the shape of a skull till this baby "came on the market".

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My Tytalus Perdo master from my last saga carried a broken sword enchanted with defensive magics.

My Criamon (pre peaceful-hippy criamon fluff) likes to disturb and frighten folk and has a staff made out of moulded bones.

The shaft is made of femurs and is topped with a skeletal hand holding a skull.

Effects imbued into the item include a imaginem effect to change the staffs appearance to that of a simple black hawthorn staff (for when he does want to freak everyone out), a ReCo(Te) spell to make the bones that make up the staff as strong as stone, and a variation of Mighty Fling of the Menacing knight (called Mighty Fling of the Menacing Ogre) that targets group rather than individual. Handy for clearing some room.

I intend to stuff some more effects into the staff soon, mostly necromantic stuff, e.g. trapping spirits in the skull for later use, etc

Santiago's talisman is a little unusual. As a competitive Flambeau, he is compensating for his rather mundane familiar (a badger whom he loves dearly, but he's only a badger) with his brutal talisman.

Santiago wields a 2ft iron fan with a pin feather imbued into it. It has a jade and ruby set into the handle, and is attached to a 30ft chain with a grapple hook at the end.

As it's only recently been opened, there is only currently one power in the talisman: an aurum spell that allows him to fly. The plan it to put at least one spell of each elemental technique in there, and the next thing I'm thinking of is the power of tidal wave!

My maga Neshama is focused on finding a way to turn herself into a magical spirit, and has a flaw that prevents her from working magic while soiled with dirt. Her talisman is...

Talisman: A sapphire set in a glass butterfly. Prepared with 16 Vim pawns.
Attunements: Metamorphosis/transfiguration +7, Spirits +5
Resilience: The item is supernaturally strong, as strong as steel. [MuTe 19: B 4, +1 glass, +2 Sun, +4 levels for Constant Effect]
Cleansing: When clutched, a wave of etherealness passes over the wearer, leaving her cleansed of all dirt, stains, and debree. [PeTe (An,He,Aq) 20: B 3, +1 Part, +3 requisites, +5 24/day]

My mage a quasatorial Demon hunter with a secondry specialist in Ignem
Silver crucifex on a brass chain, the crucifex set with a Diamond, Riby, Opal and piece of Red Coral.

A bit exotic but should give some nice bonus against demons

I'm running right now and don't have a character to create a talisman with. :cry: One of my players has an ignem focused Flambeau with a particularily cool talisman.

The talisman is an iorn wand, inlaid with ivory and fired clay (making a mosaic of fire and smoke) and capped with a roughly shaped chunk of basalt wrapped in iorn tines.

the wand has 3 enchantments
veil of invisibility range personal duration concentration item maintanes concentration

shreik of the impending shafts range personal duration concentration item maintais concentration

A creo ignem enchantment to incinerate any incomming wooden weapons unlimited uses per day linked trigger to the shreik of impending shafts enchantment

the attunements are
+3 perdo (basalt)
+4 project bolt ot missle (wand)
+5 healing (ivory) (the character is a creo monster with a full suite of creo ignem and creo corpus spells)

I might have the numbers wrong on the attunements, I'm doing this from memory

Huge bonuses for enchanting it against demons but you can only use one attunement at a time while spellcasting.

Their goal is to destroy all life as we know it. How does that qualify as peaceful-hippy?

My CrAu specialist has a palm-sized wooden fan. It's carved from lighting-struck oak and decorated with 3 gems (can't remember which ones right now - a warmagic, healing magic and a wind magic one) and has a pin feather worked into the shaft.

It's attuned to weather, winds, healing and flight.

It's enchanted to create a continuous breeze around the mage - he has a necessary condition, and for flying on the wind - maintaining concetration.

Everything in this thread is good stuff, but may I say that this bit is awsome.

Many thanks! I just wish my Covenant-mates would let me take it out for a walk more often.

Or that the locals in town weren't all "burn the grave robber"-y.


I haven't made any talismans for my PC magi yet - I haven't had enough time to get into their heads well enough to determine what I'd use.

For an NPC, specifically an Auram Tremere archmagus, a black cloak - useful for both stealth (PeIm or ReIm) and transportation (flight). Black, of course, since this NPC goes with a PC's Infamous Master flaw.

I can very much imagine this one... preferably a consummate talisman enchanted to utter relevant names of power in a deathly voice.

takes notes for later use

Here are Talismans for some old wizards in my Winter Covenant, full details of the wizards can be found at The Sanctum Hermeticum ... intro.html

Great Sword (Talisman; Attunements: +3 Block, +4 Damage Human/Animal bodies;

Powers: Demon's Eternal Oblivion, PeVi 20 [Range is Touch], Penetration 40, 6 uses per day, trigger: Strife Labyrinthine combat movements, Total Enchantment Level: 43. Causes target to lose 25 Might;

Wave of Demonic Oblivion, PeVi 25 [Target is Group], Penetration 34, 6 uses per day, trigger: Strife Labyrinthine combat movements. Causes targets to lose 15 Might, Total Enchantment Level: 45),

Shivanya is a Criamon on the Path of Strife

Another Talisman:

Lyre (Talisman; Attunements: +3 Create Sounds, +5 Affect Music;

Power: Festive Jig: ReCo, R: Voice, D: Concentration, T: Group, 3 uses per day, item concentrates, trigger: playing a song, Total Enchantment Level: 32. This causes the targeted group to dance for as long as the music plays, and once it starts Roderick can allow the lyre to play on its own [much to the relief of his aching hands]).

This is for Magister Roderick of Jerbiton, the current Praeconis of the Covenant of St. Simprin's.

My gifted redcap has a bronze chainmail. He is still young, so up to now it is only enchanted to be lighter and tougher, but it will improve!