Little Scratches and Opportunities on the Edge - On Twitter

This week, we started using and promoting a pair of hashtags on Twitter that are likely to provide a lot of fodder for not only your general amusement but also your Al Amarja–adventuring pleasure. That is to say, scenario seeds and character concepts abound.

Each hashtag denotes a classified ad from Al Amarja Today, per the samples you can see near the end of the OTE rulebook.

  • #OpEdge is for "Opportunities on the Edge," which are want-ads for all manner of odd jobs and related nonsense.

  • #LitScr is for "Little Scratches," a printed free-for-all of pretty much anything [strike]that's fit to print[/strike] at all.

Check out our recent blog post for more info: ... n-fun.html

Here's an automatic Twitter search for #LitScr:

And here's one for #OpEdge:

Enjoy, 'Martians!