Livonian Crusade

Is there anything in canon about the Livonian Crusade?

It gets mentioned in the Rine tribunal book.

I thought there was more of a write up....?

There are a few pages on the Knights of the Sword and the Livonian Crusade in ArM4 The Dragon and the Bear (p.40-49). But this is not ArM5 canon.

So, we played a game set in the Baltic region, so the Livonian crusade was very relevant.

  • There is an RPG called "CRUSADERS OF THE AMBER COAST" which is very relevant as external source.
  • The wikipedia articles on the subject are rather good.
  • There is some indirect information to be gleaned in the Rhine book: slave trade from the Baltic operated by the Sword brothers and shipping all the way down to Prague.

You might find the following article of interest:
How to justify a crusade? The conquest of Livonia and new crusade rhetoric in the early thirteenth century, by Marek Tamm
Journal of Medieval History, 2013 Vol. 39, No. 4, 431–455,

He has a few other publications on the topic.


The Teutonic Order has a write-up in the Transylvanian tribunal book Against the Dark.

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