Loch Leglean Tribunal Map?

I picked up my LL book second-hand... did it ever come with a map? Not knowing a bloody thing about Scotland and all the talk about Lowland/Highland is just irritating. No references or anything.

Don't know 100% re the original hardcopy, but Ars has never been big on "pull out", so the answer is pro'ly "no". But the high-/low-lands thing is a standard, and easy to find on the web.


Nope, no map.

Scotland is quite differentiated between the lowlands, that are basically like England (but with a weather that sucks even more) and the highlands, that is where all the cool movies about highlanders, monsters and mountains happen. The difference is physical and fairly obvious. You can travel around with Google Earth and check for yourself :slight_smile:

The book is basically a description of the highlands. For the lowlands use the Heirs to Merlin description with some Lion of the North color.


No map, but IIRC there was a pretty good double size foldout map in the Pendragon supplement "Beyond the Wall: Pictland and the North" that I thought made a good base.

amazon.com/Beyond-Wall-Pictl ... 1568820267



Much obliged. Can't believe I didn't think of my great favorite... wikipedia!

I remember a map floating around the Berk-list. I don't have access to my copy anymore, being many computer crashes since then, but perhaps someone has memory of such?


A map was published in the French fanzine Ars Mag, but I don't think I have an electronic version.

I recently picked up Lionheart from Columbia Games. Wow! This supplement is a bit spendy but the map and descriptions are excellent. Depicts Ireland, GB and Scotland. A complete gazetteer for all three islands! I highly recommend it.

There was indeed a map that was released as a freebie A3-sized printout.
I can't remember where I picked it up... might have been at a Con somewhere. There's no name or copyright notice on the map, so I hope it's not a problem if I post a link to the scan I made of it.


A pitty not having got this before. Would have been really usefiul in our recently ended saga in Mann. A great piece of work. Thanks!
It does not seem official, since there is a fair number of unofficial covenants there.


The only ones specifically identified as covenants are the ones listed in the 3rd edition book... others appear to be ruins, henges and battle sites. AFAICT. It's pretty spiffy all around!

Sorry to perform necromancy, but I'd very much like a copy of this 'hermetic Loch Leglean map' mentioned above. That link doesn't work anymore.

I've made years ago an electronic version of the original map that was published in the French fanzine « Ars Mag » (but I don't ever remember who drew it)…

Maybe this is the map you're looking for…

Maybe Mithrel could host it on his site dedicated to Ars Magica?

He also could tell me if it's a good idea to make it available on this forum (and on the web), for the map doesn't belong to me…


What a beautiful map!

We played a fairly decent saga in a Loch Leglean Tribunal inspired by/built on Lion of the North.
The Wiki is here. Some of it at least, should be in English.

Admittedly, it had to be build, because the tribunal book was so very careful to not nail down the chamber pots, unlike eg the Mistridge book. But I must admit, it felt like there was plenty to build on.

to each their own I suppose.