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I have a Wiki set up, using Wikidot: It's over here. I've been spending a while porting over a lot of NPCs from the Canaries Are Dying and Stonehenge sagas, as well as characters I've created in other sagas (both online and tabletop).

Note that most of the characters there may be considered "place-holders." PCs always take priority over NPCs. If you have an idea for a Sergeant of the Turb or Archery Marshal grog/companion, don't let the fact that I already have Cearban and Mairead posted. They can be "downgraded" to a regular turb member/archer and teacher.

Also, if you have any suggestions or comments about the wiki, ask away.

Also note that I consider the character sheets on the Wiki to be the "official" ones, as in that's where I'll look if I have any questions or need to check anything.

Where do we apply for permissions on the wikki, or are you maintaining exclusive control over that?

I think I managed to set it so users can apply with the Secret Password, which is "TheTruthIsOutThere". If not...I have no idea.

Yep! That works. There should be a 'join this site' button at the top of the wiki, and entering the password will give you access.

I went looking through the wiki for the advancement rules, particularly for any restrictions and such on how to take the characters from gauntlet to +7 years.
Apologies for missing it if it's there - I'm interested in max SQ level for a season of study, rough idea on how much covenant vis from the character's current covenant, those types of things.

The character generation and advancement rules.
I don't think there is a max SQ for a season of study (except for gaining benefit only up to the book's Level).

As far as how much vis is in the stores or via Vis Sources, that's all up to y'all.

For character advancement past the gauntlet, but not actually "in-play advancement", I think the book's default is 15xp per year you advance past the gauntlet.

As for vis, there are...an awful lot of us at the covenant. I imagine our vis is going to be stretched pretty thin...? I guess it really depends on how we spend our build points though!

It's 30xp per year for magi advancing past gauntlet. If you take a season (or more) off for lab work, you also take a 10xp hit in XP per season. IF you take a season for lab work, that year you get 20 xp, 2 seasons 10 xp for the year, 3 seasons and 0 xp (which means you work a 4th season for lab work if you can do it).

So does this saga halve that (based on what's said in the wiki about advancement?) Or does the 15 xp/year in the wiki apply only to companions and grogs?

For character creation, it seems plain to me (page references, too) that you do it as per the core book. That's character creation. By the book, magi get up to 30 xp per year and may spend up to MTx5 in Vis per year.

The part abou advancement is just that, advancing (in play).

The wikki states that post gauntlet magi will use seasonal advancement.

It does. In the Advancement section. In the Character creation section, it says to use Detailed Character Creation. Those rules spell out 30 xp per year, etc.

For character creation, post-gauntlet, you use the rules in the MRB. 30 xp per year, less 10 xp per season of lab work (but never less than 0 xp per year).

For character advancement (i.e. after play starts), you use seasonal advancement.

Is anyone here using the username "patentpope" on WikiDot?

That's me. Sorry. I thought you knew my name from the Andorra wiki.


No, I don't know anyone's name from the Andorra wiki unless it's the same as it is here. I'll go ahead and approve ye, then.

I kinda sorta added a "Random Article" feature on the wiki's sidebar. If I remember correctly, it came with one, but when I only had a half dozen pages, it picked the same page Every. Single. Time. so I got annoyed and chucked it into the lake. But now that we have roughly 250 pages, I wanted a random page so I can find orphan pages.

If anyone knows how to actually jigger the "Random Article" link in the sidebar so that it goes to a random article rather than going to the Random page, with a random article module there, be my guest.