Long-distance travel times

I need a rough rule-of-thumb for how much time it takes to travel long distances in Mythic Europe. I have a player who wishes to do a lot of travelling - which is fine. We have no desire to play out the minutiae of journeys however, what I need is a general way of making quick estimates of travel time in ordinary circumstances.

On foot or on horseback, I assume that fifteen miles per day is reasonable (it takes into account both excellent and terrible conditions en route); but what about by ship? My inclination is to say that, once again, fifteen miles per day is about right. This would take into account that one has to find a ship going the right way, book passage, wait for favourable conditions, stop off at ports on the way to re-fit and re-stock, wait again for favourable conditions, etc.. Perhaps, however, I've got that completely wrong.

As I say, I only need the most general and easily applicable guide so that I can work out, for instance, how long to go from Toulouse to Copenhagen (a month? two?).

Any help will be much appreciated.

City and Guild has trade routes with travel times, both for land, river and sea travel. p88 and 89.

Travel by ship is a lot faster than traveling over land. For instance, it is 6 days from Riga to Reval by ship and 15 days by land.

the discussion is city and guild really appealed to me. It made the point that without good maps or roads travelers frequently have to rely on locals to get darn near anyplace.

Cheers. I've just bought the pdf, so I'll check it out.

Brilliant. That's exactly what I need. Many thanks.