Longevity Hedge Methods and Shape and Material Bonus

Easy, can the longevity Method form the Hedge tradition no afffect the fertility of the user? The book don't say against, and since many of them have low levels compared to hermetics longevity rituals, it should be a good idea.
And (again because i asked before), can Elementalist or/& Folk witches use Shape and Material Bonus in their magic?

I will only speak for the Learned Magicians. Their bonus to Living Conditions has no affect on the fertility of the user.

As for Elementalists, I can't think of anything that they do using a Lab Total, so I would say that they don't use Shape and Material Bonuses. The witches do have Lab Totals, so I would say that they can, unless there is something in the text to prohibit it. I don't recall anything, but I'm less familiar with that chapter than the ones I worked on.

There are two examples:
The Refining Totals and the Summoning effect with a magical container, the two uses could uses with paralelism betwen their amgic and others. I think.
Thanks for the opinion.

Witches do not use F&E bonuses, since none of their lab activities correspond to magic items. Gruagachan do have F&E bonuses due to the shape of their tattoos and the material of the ink they use to make them. It is under the tattoo section.

I would say that none of the traditions loses his fertility, but your milleage might vary. Removing your "soul" from your body might affect negatively your creative energies (fertility) for sure, as well as drinking weird concoctions of mystical herbs like the witches do. But that is up to your troupe to decide.