Longevity ritual and Aging Crisis

A rules question... I've been looking through the aging rules and I see where Longevity Rituals influence aging rolls, but I don't see any mention to them effecting Aging Crisis rolls. Am I missing something (core rules only please)?

I don't have my book on me, so I can't give a page reference.

However, the section on Aging in Long Term Events states that when a character has an Aging Crisis the longevity potion automatically resolves the crises. But the longevity ritual is ended --- so you need to repeat your ritual, before the next Aging Roll.


The idea is to avoid any possibility of a crisis (keeping the expected rolls below "13", iirc). Once that crisis appears, it's showtime - there is no perfect protection.

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The rules state "...the ritual assures that the character will survive..." (p 168), not that they avoid the crisis. Nowhere does it imply that a LR ritual is a "free pass" to the first Crisis, only that the LR lasts until then, and as above.

It's a Longevity Ritual, not an Immortality Ritual.)

Isn't that exactly the same thing I said?

Yes, you have a crisis, and you still roll for a crisis, but you don't need to make a Stamina roll to avoid dying. The longevity ritual resolves the crisis. You survive.

You know it isn't, even if that's exactly what you meant.

All you said was that "it resolves the crisis" - wasn't sure what exactly you meant by that.

Some people might think you meant that the mage trades their LR for the need to make that roll at all - no roll, no more LR, no crisis, no aging points, all good, next - which is not the case.

If that's what you meant, I believe you - just wanted to make sure. :wink:

Fair enough, but "resolve" doesn't mean "avoid".

(I think we've both seen people get creative with language on these boards.) :unamused: :laughing:

(And, with non-native speakers reading, it's always good to be perfectly clear. )

Basically the longevity potion protects you until crisis. At crisis, you will live but that doesn't prevent you from getting the illness or ending up bedridden for a time. Only that you live through it.

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And you don't need CrCo rituals to survive.

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