Longevity Ritual for Animals

Let's say a magus has an animal and wants to prepare a longevity ritual for that animal.

Would you require him to do some original research? Or simply allow him to use a CrAn lab total and use the same rules as for longevity rituals for mundanes?

(Examples could be a horse trained to tolerate his Gift, or an Animal Companion.)

OoOoooooh, Interesting question.

Longevity rituals SEEM, RAW, to be Hermetic, so it shouldn't be more than a minor research project to discover it is possible.

That said, I'm unprepared to undertake such an experiment, since I have other, far more valuable projects utilizing my time.

I'd argue that the longevity ritual can be conducted for an animal or Magical animal. The main issue will be RP concerns: Having the animal be docile and well-behaved while you research it.

I would first answer a different question. If you shapechange an animal into a human for a year (greater than the season is enough) and apply a longevity ritual to it during that time, does the longevity ritual work? CrCo spells and rituals certainly affect it at this point. But should the longevity ritual? If so, then since this is easy enough to pull off I would definitely allow CrAn longevity rituals. (Note this will potentially make longevity rituals easier for Bjornaer magi.) If not, then you can decide on original research or something.


The year Shapchange could work but it'ld be possible that the effect finish on the momento; but maybe it's something unsure. I said that make the Investigation tasting to the re-searcher could make very good magic stories.