Longevity Rituals and Warping

The Warping effects of Longevity Potions.

I’m, concerned, about the way longevity potions effect mages. Based on some things I have read. They may be far more harmful than anyone (or maybe just me up to this point) realizes, at least with the rules as written they seem to be.

Ars Magica 5th Edition Core book
Longevity Rituals
Pg. 101
[clip] A longevity Ritual’s effects last until you duffer an aging crisis (see “aging” on page 168). After this the ritual loses its effectiveness and the focus must be repeated. [/clip]

Powerful Mystical Effects
[clip] The spell has its effect on anyone, but only the designated target and the caster do not suffer Warping unless the effect is also continuous. Hermetic Longevity Rituals are always designed for the specific target.. If the effect is continuous , a Warping Point is gained when it begins and every season thereafter.[/clip]

The Mysteries
Longevity Ritual and Vis Limits
[clip] Since the Longevity ritual inflicts warping points for a continuing effect, most magi succumb to final twilight before the enchanter's ability to design aging bonus formulae. [/clip]

Following the “logic” of the rules as written.

This means a magi suffers. 5 warping points in the year he first has the potion active. Assuming 4 seasons, +1 for the effect starting according to the rules, and then suffers 4 warping points per year the Ritual is in place.

Am I reading these rules correctly?

Previous assumption had always been 1 Warping Point per year..

Nop, "it's specifically designed", thus only 1/ year. See the table in warping.

You've missed a bit:

In otherwords, Longevity Rituals, like all specifically designed effects, are exempt from warping as a Powerful Mystical Effect. They do count as Continuous Mystical Effects, and so incur a warping point per year. Check the table on page 168; you're looking for the 4th row "Constant Effect, High Power" and the 1st column "Designed for/Cast by Subject": 1/year.

Hope this helps,