Looking for a file...maybe?

Would anyone happen to already have a text file or something similar that has all the ArM 5 guidelines for each Te+Fo combination (like CrIg 3 can do blah, CrIg 10 can do blah blah, etc.)?

I was going to hand some out to my group so that they could work on spells or lab activities (to go ahead and figure out spell levels for effects) away from the game (they can't all afford to buy the book, unfortunately), so that they might at least have an idea of what they want to accomplish the next time we're all together and save some time at the table. I figured I'd check here first to see if anyone already had something like that and save myself a little work. :slight_smile:

I do think I have such a compiled list. But only the guidelines from the core rules. PM me your email and it will be forth coming.

Btw, there is another thread at the moment discussing having one made with all the guidelines from all the 5th ed. books.

There is ? Where? I for one will find such a file desirable.

I have partial files, with partial guidelines. Not something you'd want to receive, malakus, I'm afraid - it will save you only a little work at best.

Just send me a PM with your mail if you want all the guidelines from the core rules.

Will do.

Umm, what other books have had such guidelines? I made one such list with the core rules and the dribbling from Covenants. Are there others?

True Lineages has Quaesitor magic guidelines and The Infernal has guidelines for spells affecting demons.

TMRE also has a few guidelines (such as for summoning spirits).

There are also virtue-related guidelines and spell parameters, such as Mutantem guidelines in TL, various guidelines in TMRE, and I'm sure in TI... and I'm probably missing a few.

I must say my outbox have been quite busy of late. I haven't actually been using the document much recently, I am considering making another print of it. I now look forward to getting some feedback from the heaps of people who requested it.

Should we go further with making or adding the guidelines from the other books? Did someone already do it?

I have a mostly complete set of spell guidelines in a Word document... I say mostly compete because I don't have the mystery specific guidelines entered (I also have a similar file for the 4th Edition)

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