Looking for a game.

A long-running pbp game on another website has reached its natural end (the first pbp I have ever seen that did not end prematurely). Now I'm seeking either a new game or a game to join. I consider myself a reliable poster (apart from about 2 weeks of holiday per year). I am not a native speaker of English, but use English at work every day. I believe to have a fairly good grasp of the game mechanics (been playing this game since 2nd edition) and of pbp-ing.

If you wouldn't object too strongly to a non-Hermetic game, I just recently opened this to recruitment: https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/ars-magica-tears-of-the-prophet-4-6-players/9363/1

It focuses on non-Order Gifted Gruagachan with "Unaffected by the Gift," with a big but vague prophecy tied to them and their potential to accomplish big things. If you have interest, check it out.

Ars Magica without hermetic mages sounds like keeping the clumsier parts of the system while discarding the parts that work best.

Thanks for the offer, but I'm not the right player for you.

I find it inherently humorous that one whose forum name is taken from the one who founded House Ex Miscellanea and recruited vast numbers of hedge magicians to the Order is opposed to a game focusing on non-Hermetic magic. Also, no need to passively insult his game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, perhaps this will kindle your interest more strongly, being as it is certainly quite Hermetic: https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/arm5-frozen-castle-of-cold-hearts-5-8/9394/3

You realize that Pralix is a Tytalus. A Tytalus never leaves the House, even if they say they do or go off and join other Houses. Certainly founding another Order of magi would be no different.... :smiley:

Which is why the insult should have been aggressive-aggressive instead of passive-aggressive! I wasn't criticizing the act, but rather the methodology. No need to passively insult his game, right? :smiling_imp:

Not at all, my good man. There's no reason a Tytalus can't be exceedingly polite as he delivers his insults.

Aw, but stereotypes are so much fun.

That's one way to play it, but I go at it slightly different. In my saga, Archmagus Pietro of Flambeau, a former Tytalus, is played as being genuinely fed up with Tytalus philosophy and is dedicated to the Flambeau. YSMV. but there is more than one way to approach it.
Me? I say the only good hedge wizard is a charcoaled hedge wizard :smiling_imp:

Wizard with a focus in hedges, and a faerie correspondence too. He surrounds you with an impenetrable thicket, then sets you and it ablaze.

That's a worthy charcoal hedge.

Pralix never joined House ex Miscellanea (HoH:S, 126). And why should she? It's bad enough to become a swineherd, but it's better than becoming a hog!

btw: I've found a place to play - two even, it seems!

Oh, I don't know. People speak of hog heaven but not swineherd heaven.

All delicious pigs go to heaven.