Looking for a game


I am a somewhat experienced player, in the sense that I have played in a couple of tabletop saga, but never participarted in a PbP. I am looking for a game, so if you have any room in an existing game or are interested in starting a new one contact me !

My native language is french, so I am interested in joining a french saga as well !

PM me if interested !

FYI, since you had asked about the Ad Astra game, I have included a thread for "wait list" characters and discussion as to how they would enter the saga, albeit without build points to contribute...

Actually I am pretty new as well looking for a game. I am honestly trying to find a play by post game to join.

I’m looking for a player to play in 16A indoor tournament next weekend 02/23 at Griffin Sports Complex in St. Joseph if you are interested.