Looking for a PbP game

Hi All. I'm looking for a group/game to play in, whether new or active. I'm a long time Ars Magica player, since '97 or so. I'm used to house rules and have played other games like Exalted, D&D 3.x, Scion, Star Wars Saga, WH40k: Rogue Trader, and oWoD's Vampire and Mage.

I have the time to make a post a day, maybe more depending.

fight or flight is just getting started, with the first round of characters being introduced just recently. You could begin an apprentice at the next tribunal in 1193, or prepare a full magus to start in Rome in 1194, or both, or start off with a companion for the part of the game already running.

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If you want something somewhat weirder we have a hedge magician saga in the making in Bonfire of Tradition. Setting is Triamore taking a deeper look at the mundane world as well as the supernatural. The old OoH is gone (how? One can only wonder) and replaced with hedge traditions with Parma, a legacy of the old order. We have a faerie doctor, a spiritual pact with the Ardennes, an ars notoria franciscan, and a folk witch.

If you are interested just say hi.

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