Looking for an ArM5 game to join

I'd like to join an ArM game, I don't mind if it's one in progress or one just beginning. I'd prefer to play a magus.
I'm fairly new to ArM, having only played one saga so far (and even then only for about a year), and as so my knowledge of the rules isn't perfect. It's good enough to play, not sure if it's good enough to be a secondary SG.
I'm quite happy doing bookkeeping, accounting, mapping etc for the covenant. I was partly responsible for this in my previous game and enjoyed it immensely :slight_smile:

If you wanna start with a companion, I could have a companion for you in one incoming adventure.
if interested, just go see there.

I wouldn't suggest you to play a magus in my game however, since we are playing 75 years old magi, you may feel a bit ill at ease.

Otherwise, if you like the weird/odd concepts and you don't mind playing a magus you didn't create... just PM on this board or on RPOL website. I had an idea running for a long time and need a cooperative "player" to achieve it.