Looking for an old Pharmacopoeian NPC

I plan to give the Solo play ( https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/solo-play/9494/1 ) a other go, this time with an Pharmacopoeian.
Because I plan to start with the apprentice time I wonder if someone willing to share a old player/NPC Pharmacopoeian suitable as paren or know a sourcebook where I can find one?
Sure I could create one my self but that would probably end with one optimized for the task of taking a apprentice and that feel wrong.

Ok I see now why there is no answer. Pharmacopoeian teach the Mythic Herbalism major supernatural what means if they do so after open the Arts they need Communication + Teaching + Lab bonus of at last 11 to reach the needed 20 for teaching it to the fresh apprentice. (Yes it clearly say they teaching it in HoH-S 124)

Sorry that you received no answer, I only fond one Pharmacopoeian on the board and he's just 16 : https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/cynara-the-pharmacopoeian-development/8299/41

Dunno maybe you wish to use it as a starting point.

Thanks, but by now I used the simply way out in that I only defined the teaching score of 20 for the paren and the rest is up to the story and how the virtues and flaws should look at the end of the apprentice time.