Looking for Animal and Corpus Spells for a Breakthrough

My current character is working on, among other things, a breakthrough to combine the forms of Animal and Corpus into the form of Carnem. This will be rad, because then all the forms will finally end with 'm' (and, I dunno, unprecedented advancements in Hermetic theory, etc, etc, whatever).

We've already decided on what the mechanical effects of learning the breakthrough are, in terms of how XP and existing spells and stuff fuse, and how people with the breakthrough interact with the Corpus and Animal effects of others n' such.

However, this is a big fkn breakthrough that takes like, a bazillion points. Like, literally, it's figuratively a bazillion.

So, got any ideas for TeAn(Co) and TeCo(An) spells for me to experiment on? The rule is that I need at least one discovery for each TeFo combination; that is, CrAn(Co), CrCo(An), InAn(Co), InCo(An), etc.

I've already got one discovery, actually. It's a MuCo(An) spell that gives a human wings for a while. So, I'm less interested in more MuCo(An) stuff, but still interested.

Thanks in advance for any help with this. :blush:


For muto I would probably say more things like a MuCo(An)or MuAn(Co) spell that can turn a particular sort of animal (wolf, for instance) into a human or a human into that particular sort of animal. Seems more relevant to me because it treats both forms as viable targets than giving a human wings though if your troupe is fine with that who am I to judge.

For Intellego, spells like Physicians Eye or Revealed Flaws of the Mortal Flesh that works on both animals and humans or a similarly broad spell similar to the Inexorable search. Perhaps a spell that allows you to compare two beings (needs to be group target or, maybe, vision), one an animal, one a human.

Creo, a spell that creates a magical humanoid version of an animal using the base 50 create a magical animal guideline.

Perdo I’d probably say something that can wound either an animal or a human.

Rego a Chirurgy craft magic spell that can perform the same operation on a animal, probably a particular sort of animal such as a dog where Profession: Master of Kennels can fill in for Chirurgy, and a human. Pretty sure C-sections were performed on animals and humans and resulted in dead mothers and often dead babies and pups but other surgical procedures may have been performed on both back then.

I also don’t think every spell needs to exactly conform to doing the thing you want to do, some are spells that help you study that thing and this is apparent in the example OR for the longevity ritual that doesn’t hamper fertility with Aurelentus of Jerbiton in MoH. I do think it seems appropriate that at least one discovery come from each technique paired with each of An(Co) and Co(An).

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Re An(Co) Make a horse fly through the air with the rider not having to hang on for dear life.

Re Co(An) A device to hold a Bjornear Maga prisoner. No real political implications there...


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Would you have a write-up by any chance?

I think that original research would be more fruitful if you pursued effects that applied equally to a human and an animal. One thing that comes to Mind would be an adaptation of the revealed flaws of mortal flesh that can work on a being regardless of whether his body is governed by the form of Corpus or Animal, likely with an added magnitude due to the requisite.

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MuVi spells can change the Form and technique, so MuVi metamagic to change a MuCo to MuAn, and another to do the reverse.

*edit no need for the affected spells to be MuCo or MuAn, just Technique An, Technique Co.

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Thank you all for the suggestions so far!

I jotted one down just for you. :blue_heart:

Tell me if I missed anything.

:open_mouth: I super didn't think of that. I mean, I've been having trouble thinking of enough spells as it is, but I double extra didn't think of this.


On a similar note as Ignes mentioned if you have a standard spell that only affects Animal or Corpus and an otherwise similar spell that can affect either (along the lines of the many I proposed above), a variant of Sight of the Active Magics (InVi) but with a requisite for the form of the being (possibly a casting requisite, depends on troupe) and, perhaps, further magnitudes for even more detailed information might be invented to tell you more about how each spell interacts with the form differently and give you some sort of further information towards your breakthrough. This is the sort of thing I meant by the last paragraph of my earlier post.

EDIT: needing 80 breakthrough points means a significant number of your spells may be of this sort where they are rather game mechanically inefficient or of just not a whole lot of applicability outside of the research.


Experiment on ReCo(An) Wards as well.

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Marcus of Criamon playing Frankenstein in Magi of Hermes.

Study of lycanthropy and how to control the changes.

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You might also want to study both Bjornaer with the initiation of Theriomorphy, or a Bouda (Between Sand and Sea) with their version of the Theriomorphy.

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