Looking for experience on the "other side of the screen"

I'm running an in-person game of AM5, currently as the Alpha (and probably only) SG. It's good fun, but I want to get to know the game from the player's perspective, too, so if anyone is thinking about starting a PbP game, I'd like to be considered.

I've got access to a number of the books, but the only one that I'm well-versed in is the core book. Given my preference, I'd rather stick closer to the core rules, but I'm easy-going and up for whatever. I don't have any specific concepts in mind that I want to try out - I'd be happy enough to receive direction about a setting/saga and make something cohesive with it.

Praesidium Orae is looking for players, if you are interested. It is a somewhat atypical campaign...

I'll check it out, thanks!

I looked at the wiki and the posts in the forum, but I'm not sure that I understand what's going on. What's this fast-advancement period all about? Are the adventurers actually being played out, or are you just randomly determing outcomes, costs, rewards, etc.? What's the point? Why not just... play it?

This game is using "solo play" rules posted elsewhere and modified for this game to create the background before the main storyline begins in 1220

Oh. ok. I will go with the warlock idea, but not sure on the other side. details later.