Looking for interesting pregens

Yeah I know it's really very easy to create a character in Feng Shui, change a few dots here and there, come up with a name and hey presto, hero!

However, I've had some cracking characters throughout the years, many based off the same archetype yet very different to one another.

I was wondering what starting characters people have come up with in their games, mainly as I'm looking for something different to do in my next one shot and I've normally just gone with very human gun-fu and martial artists from the contemporary juncture.

So yeah, post 'em if you got 'em. - might try to compile them with artwork or something if there's any interest (might take awhile, this forum isn't exactly buzzing, does have some very loyal folk though)

Some of the most memorable starting characters in games I've run have been ones where I've let the player bend the archetype a bit- the Monster Hunter with Will Not Die, the Sorcerer from 1996 (although now you could build him using the Modern Mage type from Out for Blood). Other characters became memorable in play, often as the result of some ongoing plot development.

The character I ended up playing:

Chan Mingxia - Martial Artist
She doesn't remember much about where she used to live or grow up, but until recently she worked as an assassin and hired muscle for some low-life near the Bazaar. Not bad for someone who claims to be (and looks) 8 years old. After her previous employer met a grisly end, she's happy to tag along with the Dragons if they can help her find out where her older sister has disappeared to. She can also try out this 'morality' thing she keeps hearing about. She likes ice cream. She kills people who mess with her sunhat.
BOD: 5 - CHI: 0 (Fu 7) - MND: 6 - REF: 10
Info/Eastern Philosophy 12
Info/The Inner Kingdom 7
Intrusion 12
Leadership 8
Martial Arts 15
Weapons: Punch (6 or 8) Kick (7 or 9) Knife (8 or 10)
Crane Stance - Wing of the Crane - Beak of the Crane
(Yeah, that's right, a little girl who can put people in near-unbreakable choke holds. And can sneak up on them, possible getting a bonus for that Beak manoeuvre. In play, she ended up with Lightning Fist, Martial Arts 18, Chi 12, Speed 12 and Me First. Punch damage reached 13 with Wing, she could demolish Bruisers with Lightning Fist and the Beak was insanely hard to break.)

A different version of the Monster Hunter:

Argyle - Monster Hunter
He's loyal to the Buro, up to a point, but the way he sees it he really doesn't have much choice. The best chance of getting his heart back from that demon is to stay on the job and hope to run into it some day. That doesn't mean he can't recognise good men when he finds them, and sticking with the Dragons when he is not assigned somewhere else works out well for him. They don't like his continuous proselytising about the Buro, but then he doesn't like those evil sorcerers they've got in their ranks. He has raised cynical world-weariness to an art form.
BOD: 5 - CHI: 10 - MND: 5 - REF: 5
Arcanowave Device 15
Fix-it 10
Guns 12
Info/Ancient China 9
Martial Arts 9
Weapons: Buro 9 (10/1/17+1), Ripper (15**)
Helix Ripper - Neural Stimulator - Hair-Trigger Neck Hairs
(10 Fortune. 10 Fortune. And the ability to make desperate efforts - blowing all his magic he can make a Helix Ripper attack with an AV of 25. He's useless after that, though.)

These are the pre-gens I did for my one-shot "Your Name Here and the Convent of Doom". They're all essentially starting characters, although a few have a couple of extra skill points or an extra schtick, to try and make them balanced in terms of interest, as well as power.

The set up for the one-shot is that the characters all work for British secret organisation LOUGHBOROUGH (Note to Americans: pronounced "LUFF-brrr"), led by Lady Cynthia Mondegreen. You can of course keep or delete this as you see fit.

Granny McTavish (Old Master)
Stats: Bod 4, Chi 10 (For 0), Mind 7, Ref 7
Skills: Info/Knitting 18, Info/Deep-frying 14, Info/Glaswegian Gang Crime 14, Leadership 12, Martial Arts 16
Fu Schticks: Prodigious Leap, Flying Windmill Kick, Eyes of the Snake, Slither of the Snake, Hands Without Shadow
Weapons: Punch (10), Kick (10)

You spent the first eighty years of your life in one of the grimmer parts of Glasgow, seeing your home deteriorate as various urban gangs fought to control the increasing flow of drugs and guns into the city. Eventually, you decided that enough was enough, and took matters – and the law – into your own hands. The Glaswegian gangs didn’t take the idea of an octogenarian vigilante at all seriously – at least, not until you handed them their arses on a plate. Your corner of Scotland is now a cleaner, safer place, and when LOUGHBOROUGH saw the good work you’d been doing, they practically begged you to join.

Delilah Craven (Thief)
Stats: Bod 6, Chi 0 (For 3), Mind 8, Ref 7 (Spd 9)
Skills: Deceit 14, Detective 14, Driving 13, Guns 13, Info/Arts and Antiquities 15, Info/Jewels and Gemstones 15, Intrusion 16, Martial Arts 13, Prestidigitation 14, Sabotage 13, Seduction 14
Weapon Schticks: Signature Weapon (antique katana), Fast Draw
Weapons: Antique Katana (13), Colt Detective Special (9/1/6)

Seductress, thief, spy, saboteur – you’ve tried your hand at all of these, and been the best in the field every time. You’ve accumulated more priceless artworks and shiny baubles than you could shake a stick at, and collected twice as many very shiny secrets. But stealing things for fun and profit could only stay entertaining for so long, so when LOUGHBOROUGH caught up with you, you decided to offer them your talents for noble purposes instead. Right now, it’s still a lot of fun. Being one of the good guys is more rewarding than you thought – just look at all the lovely treasure criminal masterminds keep hidden in their vaults!

Jeff Blessed (Big Bruiser)
Stats: Bod 11 (Tgh 12), Chi 0 (For 1), Mind 5, Ref 7
Skills: Guns 10, Info/Cricket 14, Intimidation 13, Martial Arts 12
Stat Schticks: Ich Bin Ein Bruiser
Weapons: Cricket Bat (15), Punch (12)

Life can be so unfair sometimes. You’re a world-class cricket player, but your big brother Brian always seems to have all the limelight – he’s always in the news, no-one seems to ever notice you. LOUGHBOROUGH noticed you, though, when a particularly vicious pitched battle during the infamous CyberWhore Revolt erupted at your cricket ground, and you knocked dissident leader Miss Spanksalot out for six with one bowl. Lady Mondegreen offered you a job on the spot, and now you not only enjoy the fulsome praise of your superiors, but the knowledge that you’re helping make the world a better, safer place.

Billy Jenkins (Scrappy Kid)
Stats: Bod 4, Chi 7, Mind 7, Ref 10
Skills: Deceit 12, Info/All That Scrappy Kid Stuff 14, Martial Arts 13, Intrusion 13
Fu Schticks: Hail of Steel, Bite of Steel, Prison of Steel
Unique Schticks: Annoying Distraction, Squirmy Lil’ Bastard
Weapons: Dagger (7), Kick (6)

Most other agents that you know were recruited by LOUGHBOROUGH to be its operatives; you recruited LOUGHBOROUGH to be your boss. While out stocking up on X-Box games one dull afternoon, you chanced upon a fight between Gladys Spoon and troublesome supervillain Captain Anvil. While most of the civilians around either cowered in terror or ran screaming like girls, you leapt into the fray and helped bring the bad Captain down. Sergeant Spoon did her best to brush you off, but you were able to follow her back to LOUGHBOROUGH HQ, sneak your way inside and, when you were caught, whine at Lady Mondegreen until she agreed to give you a job. You love your work as a secret agent – it’s almost as much fun as Resident Evil!

Gladys Spoon (Maverick Cop)
Stats: Bod 5 (Tgh 7), Chi 0 (For 2), Mind 8, Ref 7
Skills: Driving 15, Guns 14, Martial Arts 10, Police 14
Gun Schticks: 10,000 Bullets, Carnival of Carnage, Fast Draw, Signature Weapon (Desert Eagle Magnum)
Weapons Desert Eagle Magnum (15/3/9+1), Truncheon (8)

Sergeant Spoon, you had a very promising career in the Metropolitan Police Force. Unfortunately, your unorthodox methods of policing and your refusal to brownnose made you very unpopular with your Chief Superintendant, and when you had the bad luck to be caught on camera in the middle of particularly nasty high-speed chase on an episode of Police Crash Bang Wallop, he had the perfect excuse to kick you out. Happily, LOUGHBOROUGH loves a good maverick, and is slightly less fussy about collateral property damage, and since they recruited you you’ve been able to keep kicking arse and taking names with the best of them.

Serge Ivanovich (Ex Special Forces)
Stats: Bod 9, Chi 0 (Fu 4), Mind 5, Ref 7
Skills: Driving 12, Guns 14, Info/Anti-Terrorism 12, Martial Arts 10, Sabotage 14
Fu Schticks: Fox’s Retreat
Gun Schticks: Both Guns Blazing x2, Slo-Mo Vengeance, Who Wants Some?
Weapons: 2x Uzi (10/4/40)

Glasnost has not been good to you. Back in the day, you proudly defended your comrades and your homeland against imperialist threats, but now poor Mother Russia is not the woman she once was. Unwilling to see the beloved land your birth whittled away any more, you accepted the offer to leave and work for LOUGHBOROUGH, fighting enemies more terrible and insidious than even Capitalism! It’s good, rewarding work – Lady Mondegreen may be a decadent bourgeoisie, but she has the spirit of a true Russian, and she gives you all the explosives you could ever hope to play with.

Azure Rain (Elemental)
Stats: Bod 6, Chi 8, Mind 5, Ref 7
Skills: Geomancy 14, Intrusion 12, Sorcery 14
Sorcery Schticks: Blast (Acid, Ice, Water), Heal, Movement
Creature Powers: Elemental Body (water)
Weapons: Blast (10)

Genuine Sorcerers are few and far between these days, but they’re not extinct, and some of them are on the payroll of LOUGHBOROUGH. Once such Sorcerer was able to create you from a mystically significant patch of the River Kennett, and you’ve been loyally serving the organisation ever since. You can find it difficult to fit in among the fleshy, mortal beings that make up most if LOUGHBOROUGH’s operatives, with their strange drives and meaty brains, but your command of supernatural forces has earned you their respect.

All awesome guys. When I'm not recovering from entire house decoration I'll try and post my own!

oh, and notdan...I pronounced LOUGHBOROUGH Low-burra - I have no excuse...I lived in Scotland for 16 years or so...

At least you didn't pronounce it loo-guh-buh-roo-guh....

I realised I'd left the final character from my last post, so I've now edited it to include her. (Convent is designed for six players, but I created a seventh character to offer a bit of extra choice.)