Looking for more grog templates

Is there a collection online somewhere of charqacter templates people have created? I sorta suspect there is, but I can't find it.

The best place to find grog templates is actually in various books.

The 'Covenants' book has a whole bunch of grog templates in it, and unsurprisingly the 'Grogs' book has a bucketload of them.

You may find some in the characters sticky.

The other place to look is various online sagas - both here and on other PbP sites. People create characters for those, some of which are grogs.

Actually 'Grogs' does not have templates per se, not as they are known from core rules and Covenants. What it does have is lost of Grog concepts, with notes on how and why this characters joined a covenant, lists of common or useful V&Fs for this concept, and a list of abilities and levels for various ages of this Grog's life.
So you still need to decide on the characteristics and which of the recommended V&Fs you like, but the abilities are done for you.

Good point :slight_smile:

Still, it's a great launch point for quick grogs.