Looking for players to join an active game

The game Vengeance Rides a Slow Horse is looking for a few good Magi. Two is about what we're looking for. The first adventure is just completed and we're moving into the creation of the Covenant itself.

Regular starting magi from apprenticeship is what we're looking for. Please PM me a concept if your'e interested.


I'd be interested. Have no experience, though. Plus I'm haven't read the current game thread, so I'd need some time.

I just sent you a private mail. If you don't get it, let me know (I'm unfamiliar with the PM system in this board) :smiley:

I'll be happy to join as well.
I hope you're not full, I sent you a PM but haven't received a response yet...

I did get it, but I'm sorry to say that with the confusion of the Labor Day weekend I overlooked it. We have actually closed it at this point, we have enough players. Thanks for your interest, sorry I didn't get back to you.