Looking to Game

I am kinda new to Ars Magica, and due to the virus that inhabits my computer, am unable to use Chat programs like ICQ and such.
Is anyone holding a Game on Rpol.net that I could join, or is willing to start one?

I just bought the book and want to play it to make sure I got the rules down, as well as clear up a few things I need to know, or misinterpreted.

Well, I don't know about the rpol thing you mentioned but there are a couple of play-by-post games going on here.

Also check out the "find a saga" thread (it's at the top). With a bit of luck you might find a tabletop game near you that has an open space.


But of course, the ultimate would be to drag your friends into the fantastic world of Ars and run your own saga. Though as you suggest, that's something to work up to.

Congrats on picking the book up though. It can sometimes be a complex beast to master but by crikey it's rewarding.


Ohhh this game is addictive! You have only one book now but they multiply quickly.
I suggest finding a table top game first before you play an online one if you can. In person, other experienced players can explain details you might miss and you can see their whole thought process and learn from it. If you are starting with a troupe of all new players you can muddle through the initial learning part together. Online, you're on your own and you may find yourself not posting because you don't know what to do because you've never played before. Not that you shouldn't do it, of course but table top is easier starting out. Just a thought.
Good luck to you and congratulations on a great find!

I'll have to look into the "Find a Saga." But to my knowledge no one plays this game here, as I am in a tiny town. And I do eventually want to run my own Saga, I already have a story line I want to use and am going to work towards.
But till then, I just need to solidify the information I gained while reading before my mind pushes it out as useless info.

Well, welcome to the Ars community, at any rate :smiley:

Thanks Fixer.

Well, no one one the Saga Finder. One for Portland Oregon...but I no longer live there.

One question I have though, is if you are able to counter magic with a different element.

Like if a fire ball is shot at you, and you throw up a wall of water in front of it to counter it out.

Also, is it possible to move water in such an unnatural fashion, like making a whip of water or wings of fire (not that they'd let you fly).

I could be tired or just that stupid to have missed the section that contained this info.

It is frequently possible to do the effect you seek. What changes are ease factors, that's all: If an effect is hermetic, you can do it.
Both your ideas, IMO, are just applications of rego (creo)+form, adn I don't see why they wouldn't be possible.

As per counterspelling, why not? Your exemple is sound, i think

and you may have more luck saying what area your looking for, there are alot of people that would be willing to take another but are not activly searching.

for example our group of 3-5, located in the capital district of NY would gladly take another player or 2 but it isn't essential to our game continuing.

I agree with Agnar. My group recently suffered some player losses and I would be happy to add another player or two, especially another player/SG. We play in Williamsburg, VA, another small town.

One thing to do is find other role players and pique their interest with Ars. Maybe offer a one shot with some pre-gen characters so they can play around with the magic. I find that recruiting payers to be hard when most people want to either stick with the system they are used to, or are intimidated by the vast number of rules and books cranked out for Ars.

well, I am in Michigan. about 30 minutes from Detroit. I know two people that are role players as is, but now I just got to get them interested.

The easiest way to get roleplayers who aren't familiar with Ars interested (i.e. wean them off the pablum of the D&Desque systems) is to show them the flexibility inherent to the Ars system.

Yes, it can look daunting at first as one poster has already said, but it has so many possibilities for magic that you certainly don't get the vanilla magic user/cleric/druid etc. Why not hold a little 1 or 2 day workshop where people can test and discuss the system without having to jump into a saga feet first?

You could get them to discuss character concepts and then show them how to realise that concept using this system. The fact that there is a separation between principal and secondary character types too means that the players have outlets to explore their interests in magic, combat-oriented characters and perhaps simple professionals (grogs).

Would make an interesting weekend and a great primer.

That was another problem, was the intimidating flexibility. I haven't test played it at all, and I am afraid it might be a bit hard to keep track of. And though the rules are simple, they are many in number (for what I am used to).