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Greetings! I am, obviously, new to the Atlas boards. However, I am not new to Ars Magica (although I haven't played much in the past couple of years). You see, my RL tabletop group disbanded some time ago, and I haven't been able to find anyone near me that enjoys this system as much as I do. Or even enough to warrant playing. So I find myself with a desire to play, but nobody to play with.

Which brings me to why I'm here. I'm looking for some 5E goodness. It doesn't matter what the saga is, what it's about, how old or young it is...none of that matters. I just want the chance to join a saga and help make it awesome!

I have a very high level "Transforming Mythic Europe" game that could use another player (The Rise of Atlantis).

The group is raising lost Atlantis and looking to make it a haven for magi. I intend for this less to be about individual power than about politics and solving "big" problems.

Raising the lost city of Atlantis? That sounds very promising. And deep (no pun intended).

If it's alright with you, I'd like to read over the forum threads for that game?

Please, take a look and see if it interests you.

Light of Andorra could use some fresh blood :slight_smile:

So, I spent some time reading through both games. I must say, both of these look highly intriguing.

With that said, I want to step back from a high-powered start and begin at, well, the beginning. I like having phenomenal cosmic power, but I also like starting small and earning it.


I made my game high-powered because while I enjoy starting low and working up to high, most games seem to start at low, work to the beginning of medium, then peter out long before they get even close to high.

Mine are set all over the place. Some started a decade or so after gauntlet. Vibria began the saga right after gauntley and has advanced ten years in game. Roberto started straight from gauntlet in another saga, was adapted for a second, then was brought here. 22 years of in game development.
So I mostly just let people play at the level of start they want. I even have people playing apprenticed!
However, I have never really liked 1st level gaming. It makes it hard to not accidentally kill you. :mrgreen:
What I do like, and let me know if this works for you, is when players run more than one character. Power levels can differ.
Also, and I try to get people to do this but they never do, I really want people who are willing to play their magus from another saga as adapted to this one. Build on the history and add to ours.
Or play a first level magic user. No matter to me. What is more important is your level of willingness to assist in managing the saga. Very very troupe oriented.

I actually enjoy playing characters who are just starting out. I love seeing how they react to new situations, and developing their personalities, and growing in power over time. That's just my personal preference.

So Marko, what do I have to do now? Can I potentially join Light of Andorra? If so, how many characters do you want me to create? And is this true troupe-style where everyone gets a shot in the SG chair?

First join the play-by-post group here on atlas forums. Somewhere in your user control palen I believe. Then just start posting in the Table Talk thread. Announce who you are and how you came to be. Talk about what you want to do and they will talk more about ideas and possibilities. If you demonstrate competance, you can start devising and running stories almost right away. You can create new characters for the covenant or even outsiders for background. There are also loose NPCs that could use a foster player :wink:

Just jump in and it will all sort itself out :smiley:

Just some information and advice...
[]No pm gaming. It drives me nuts. All players get to know everything. Any questions should be asked in public forum. Others often have better answers quicker than I do.
]There is a large body of House Rules. Mostly straightforward and simple. And mainly focused on CharGen at advanced ages. So not a lot to worry about.
[]The uber-troupe style thing. It isn't an attempt at being artsy. This is not art. This is not literature. This is a game. A way for you and I and the rest to entertain ourselves and each other. I am uber troupe style because I am lazy. And a pragmatic realist. The saga has a long history and massive scope. And I like being a player in it. So I play the role of more a "producer" nowadays. Others get to be directors and script writers. It keeps people engaged and takes a lot of the burden off of me. It lets me be a player, and in major part it keeps the saga sustainable and perpetuating though the years.
]When creating a character, do not worry about being a niche specialist or fret about overlapping powers. I understand we are all munchkin gamers and this goes against natural instinct. But magi come and go and change quickly. However, these are also aspects of who and what the character is. That is okay. Focus on personality and history. Let it grow organic. Do not maximise everything but do not short yourself either.
[]Flambeau the Founder's real name was Reculed Anneus Seneca, of the noble Seneca family in Gothic Hispania. His master was Delendos and his surviving apprentices were Apromor and Delendos. Flambeau and his other followers dies in a legendary final battle.
]The Shadow Wars were fought and finished by 1220. The Dragon Wars in Transylvania took place in 1236. The Icelandic Wars are still a secret and happened last year. It is currently 1242. House Flambeau is in schism. House Mercere is in crisis. House Tremere is rebuilding. Everything else is more or less normal.
[]The word "However" comes into play very often.
]Have thick skin. I am a total jerk and I am constantly wracked with guilt about it. I am the one who destroyed the Berklist. But I also have a habbit of making friends out of enemies. I really am a good guy :smiley:
[*]I ramble on a lot.

And I hope you have fun!

Sorry about being absent the last few days; work is driving me bonkers. :slight_smile:

I am still working on going through the house rules and getting more familiar with the style of game you are running. I may have some questions as I work through things, so please bear with me.

No problem :slight_smile:
I was worried I scared you off. :smiley:
Ask away here or in Forum. I do realize the HRs can seem daunting. I do want to streamline them and I have not altered any of them in years. I really do try to keep things as vanilla as possible, and just about any RAW character can be ported into the saga with minor modifications if any.
Most of the HRs are intended for advancing characters before they enter the game. Sonce you desire to play a young magus, most of that is irrelevant.

Start with Native Language 5, Native Area Lore 2, 45 chhildhood xp, and (Age - 5) x 20 xp to start with. Then 150 levels of spells. Bam! Done.

Hi Everyone,

Don't want to hijack the thread, but I find I'm in a similar place as the Architect. Looking for a game! Trogdor and/or Marko, might be room in either of your games for one more?

Poke around andorra and chat with the troupe :slight_smile:

Feel free to poke around Atlantis as well. We're going through a rough patch right now, but I hope we'll get past that soon.

We could easily recruit a new magus, though I might revise the character generation system now that the saga has started. Let me know if it interests you. I'm definitely looking at Transforming Mythic Europe(!) in that game.

Most excellent! I will poke around both sagas.