Lore: Order vs House Ex Misc.

When did the Order Ex Misc get subsumed into the OoH? I can't remember which book it is in...


It was in 817. Details can be found on page 101 of HoH:S.

Hmmm... did this change between 4th ed and 5th ed?

I"m not certain about that.

I doubt it - checking White Wolf fansites, Pralix forming Ex Misc to fight Davnalleus was in 817, so presumably 3rd Ed Ars / Mage:The Ascension Order of Hermes book use that date. Whether Ex Miscellanea is subsumed within a year of its official declaration by Pralix may not be set it stone in earlier editions, but without a copy of Lion of the North to hand I can't be sure.

Lion of the North, pp. 24, 30, 35, and 152 lists 817 as the year of admission of House Ex Miscellanea to the Order of Hermes.

My copy of the Lion of the North arrived today (A surprize from my belusted), and has much information that I needed. Thank you!