Losing my mind: Tribunal meeting dates

Salve y'all,

OK, I've just spent 30 minutes flipping through various books trying to figure out when the regional Tribunals meet. Can someone point me to the list of these dates before I totally lose it?


Every 7 years, according to the time line in Guardians of the Forest. The next one in a canonical setting is 1221. The next Grand Tribunal (the Seventeenth) is in 1228.

Matt Ryan

Anything about what times of year they usually do this? I'm betting summer, to make travel easier as well as the tent camps of the visitors more comfortable. Not that such petty problems should worry real magi.

Next meeting dates for the tribunal books I have on hand:

Loch Leglean (LotN, 3rd ed) No clear reference. Only date given is 1189 for Pzact of Cun Clach, but it is not clear if this is a normal tribunal meeting or not.
Stonehenge (HtM, 4th ed) 1222. it is stated that this tribunal is weird in that its Tribunal dates are 1 yar later than in the orther tribunals (p.24 & 150-ish)
Rhine (GotF, 5th ed) 1221
Normandy (LoL, 5th ed) 1221

The rest of the tribunals have not been checked, but GOTF & LOL are consistent with the statement in HTM, so I would say that the normal tribunal years should be 1221 for all tribunals, except a few exceptions. Other sources (in case you want to check) should be:

Ibernia (Covenants, 2nd ed)
Iberia (Iberia, 3rd ed)
Proven├žal (Mistridge, 2nd/3rd ed: 3rd in Spanish)
Greater Alps (SoI, 4th ed)
Rome (Rome, 3rd ed)
Novgorod (LoB, 4th ed)

Grand Tribunal (Various): 1228

Hope that helps! :slight_smile: