Lucid Dream Traveler

When you use Dream Magic to enter your dream as a traveler with the Lucid Dreamer spell, can you still reshape your dreams as a Lucid Dreamer? Can you lucid dream a portal to your imagination/memory/dreamscape? If you go deeper into your imagination or memory, can you still use lucid dreaming? On a related note, it seems like magus with Dream Magic is incredibly dangerous while they're able to lucid dream; essentially being able to cast any spell of magnitude (Stress die + Int + 6) or less at will.


Dangerous only within that dream, so not very dangerous at all. (And you're still limited by XIm casting.)



Lucid dreaming is something even mundanes can engage in, how can it be limited by the dreamer's TeIm ability?

You could find portals as a spirit traveler but I do not think you could have as much of an effect on the areas of the brain. I also do not think you could use Lucid dreaming to make a portal to the mind as you are effecting the dreaming. You would rather make a dream portal to another dream. Could it help a traveler find a portal? That is possible.

Can someone remember me where to find this "Lucid Dream" thing ?

In the Mysteries book, page 105, under the header The Dreamer in Control (Lucid Dreaming)

Man, you could go pretty full-on High Fantasy in the Dream Realm, while still using all of the same mechanics and having some pretty interesting adventures in a Matrix-y sort of way, complete with Diedne, strange dream beasts, the whole nine yards.

Yeah man, but... Say no to lucid dream. Stay in school!

Would it be possible for a person to be bodily transported into their own dream? What if they're then taken into their imagination and then woken up?


Books not handy. So, from memory:

You need the inner mystery to enter a dream bodily.

There are suggestions that portals to the imagination and wherever else can maybe be found, but this is totally a matter of GM fiat. Which means that by default it doesn't happen.

Hermetic Magic cast in dream, when not physical, is always based on Imaginem. I don't know where this "I don't need any Arts at all but can cast anything" comes from.

This is very much not Robert Jordan.



You need the inner mystery for the spells that permit bodily entry. That doesn't stop others from benefiting from this effect, nor does it actually answer the question of a physical traveler existing within their own dream/memory/imagination.

I'm not thinking Jordan, but Carter in the Dreamquest for Unknown Kadath. Gugs, and ghouls, and nightgaunts, oh my!


grin Oh my.

Hard to really know what was happening with him, especially expressed in Hermetic terms. :slight_smile:



No. you need greater Dream magic to physically enter a dream.

When you wake up you wake up and the dream ends.

Not Pam's dream in Dallas? :smiling_imp:

That is not an answer. First, how is the answer no if the person does have greater dream magic? Second, a person does not need greater dream magic - the guidelines very explicitly include an option for sending other people into a dream.

The dream may end, but I didn't ask what happened to the dream when the sleeper awakens. I asked about their imagination, which persists while they are awake.

Ahh. Second sentence of Greater dream magic. It teaches how to physically enter into ANOTHER'S dream ( emphasis mine). No, you can't be transported into your own dream in a physical sense because you are dreaming. A traveler can hang out in another person's imagination when the person is awake (which is in the 1st paragraph of the Imagination section).

Someone could send other physical travelers into the dream of the magi who is a spiritual traveler in their own dream.

Oof, all this abstract talk of dreams within dreams is hard to follow. If only there were a word to describe it succinctly so I could conceptualize it better. Maybe a visual representation... Say, maybe a popular movie named after said hypothetical word.

Man, if only.

Now I need a strong drink to rebound to reality, this thread put me too hard into Ars mode.

So? Page 108, under Rego Corpus guidelines.

You can be a physical traveler in dreams without even being a magus, let alone someone with the Greater Dream Magic virtue. It's this non-personal version of the Morphean Gate that got me wondering what happened if a magus were to cast it upon a sleeping target, sending them into their own dream; presumably in some kind of state where the body lay sleeping within their own dream, expelled back where they last were in the waking world upon waking. Heck, if we increase the range of the spell to Arcane Connection, stick sleeping person A into person B's dreams/imagination, the stick person B into A's dreams/imagination; which indirectly puts someone in their own dream. Later, page 110, middle column...

On the matter of Dream Magic, can you go into the realm of memory directly and upgrade your memory Palace without using the specialized spells?

So I will start by stating that I have yet to actually investigate into dream magic all that much, though it does intrigue me. (unsure what practical applications there are for it yet.)
From what I have read so far, my understanding is that while in a lucid dream you may cast XxIm spells. If you also possessed the Merinita mystery of glamour. how would that interact with the spells cast within the dream?