lunch/beer money cheet sheet

i am head of a ten year old game group and lunch/beer money is a long standing favorite within the group(along side munchkin and other's).
we have only one small problem with it. between not playing it for a couple month's at a time(we do this with all game's so they don't get "played out") and teaching it to people, the lack of game-play text on the card's make's it a little hard to learn/relearn. the rule's sheet get's passed around so much(people trying to see what there card's do)that we have gone through two copie's of each sheet. i was wondering if you would do a "cheet sheet" that list's the card's and what they do. haveing a couple copie's at the table would un-doutedly reduce the table argument's by more than half. thank you.

I don't know if it's what you're looking for, but the instructions for Lunch Money can be found @ ... 0Sheet.pdf

Finally, there's also a Card Summary here that sounds like it might be what you're looking for:

the way the lmfref pdf is done is olmost perfect because of how it's set up. a verson that also listed the beer money and stick's and stone's card's with them(treating them all as one game) would be perfect.(we tend to put multiple set's together with games like this, our munchkin set is 1'200 card's and we use the WHOLE thing)

Thanks for pointing him in the direction of the Card Summary, Gremlin. That was going to be my suggestion. :slight_smile:

See also the Beer Money Cheat Sheet:
and the Sticks & Stones Cheat Sheet: ... tSheet.pdf