[Lunch Money] Block+Grab rule clarification

I recently bought Lunch Money and the Sticks and Stones decks. When me and a few friends played we got in to an argument about the Block+Grab counter rules. I was attacked and defended with a block. Then i played my grab card and was about to do the follow up with a roundhouse kick. The other player however tried to play a dodge card to dodge my grab. I argued he could not do this.
This is how i believe it should be played out.
Example A:
Player A: attacks with spinning backhand
Player B: blocks then plays grab
Player B: then plays roundhouse kick

This is how the other player believed it would play out.
Example B:
Player A: attacks with Spinning Backhand
Player B: blocks then plays grab
Player A: plays dodge

I am new to both the game and these forums so please help me out here. :smiley:

Grab can be Dodged if it was played as the start of an action, but not if it was played after a Block.