Lunch Money Card List?

It has recently come to my attention that my Lunch Money decks do not match the card list. If I were only short some cards, I would just assume that I lost them, but there are several cards which I have more of.

My decks are pretty old... Has the card distribution changed?


For clarification, each of my decks has:
1 Choke instead of 2
4 Disarm instead of 5
1 Headlock instead of 2
4 Jab instead of 6
4 Poke-in-the-Eye instead of 5
10 Block instead of 8
4 Humiliation instead of 2
4 Kick2 instead of 3
4 Roundhouse instead of 3


I just opened up that card list and looked at it, and I know something's wrong. For example, I remember, from the dim and ancient past, that there are 10 copies of Block versus 8 of Dodge. (Block needs to occur slightly more frequently, for those wonderful Block+Grab combos.) And I know there's only one each of Choke and Headlock. Basically, the list of what you have sound correct to me.

I wonder if that on our site list was made from a miscollated deck (or maybe an open demo deck whose cards were mixed up) ... I'll ask Michelle about pulling it tomorrow, and we'll fix it.

This explains some of those "my deck isn't right" e-mails I've gotten in the last year...

Thanks for the reply. I will beat down my opponents with the peace of mind that my decks are happy and up-to-date.