Lunch Money First Aid question

Okay, I recently got the game and I just love it. Here's a quick, simple question:

Do Beer Money cards look like Lunch Money cards, or do they say "Beer Money" on them instead?

Now here's the toughy (and I did check all of the old posts on both forums as well as the FAQ) :

Can I use First Aid to get more than 15 counters?

as far as i know you can because it says that you may play them when you would be sent to 0 or less or durring your turn... say someone hits you for 3 you drop 2 first aids the next turn putting you at 16.. it at least doesnt say anywhere that you cant go above 15 counters

Beer Money cards have their own back, so you can tell when someone has a hand of Beer Money cards if you mix the decks. (It makes it easier to separate them back out, though.)

Yes, you can go over 15 counters with First Aid. That's pretty much an open invitation for others to smack you right back down again, though... :slight_smile: