Lunch Money - Grab (as a Repsonse after blocking)


When a person Blocks an Attack, then immediately responds with Grab, the attack cannot be interrupted, unless Humiliation is played, correct?

Can the player who played Block & Grab choose to play either, Choke, Headlock, or Powerplay? Or are they restricted to a free Basic attack?


Hi zombiegod!

From John: Block+Grab can be countered by Humiliation (as anything can be), OR by Freedom. And yes, a Block+Grab can be followed by anything that Grab sets up, including Choke/Headlock/Powerplay (And Powerplay in turn allows a free basic attack as follow-up if the player has it).

A classic scenario goes like this:
John plays Jab on Renee. Renee plays Block (eliminates Jab damage) + Grab + Powerplay + Hail Mary for a total of 10 points damage back on John. Ouch.