Lunch Money: headlock

According to the rules, the person who is doing the headlock gets as many free, jabs, uppercuts, and stomps as they have in their hand. Does that mean those are the only attacks the headlocker can use?

On a similar note, with the choke, is the choker's turn used up to do the one damage counter, or can they attack also?


I'm pretty sure that uses up the turn.

Personally, I almost always dump Choke and Headlock. They make my head hurt. But they've been in the game from the beginning, so there they are, creating more rules confusion than all the rest combined.

I generally dump them too, but I've noticed that in the games I play with my friends there's way too much dumping going on. I figure it's about time i add in a little penalty for dumping, so I figured I best be versed in these annoying little cards the best I can be just in case I need them. Besides, they can be kind of useful when you're down to the last two players sometimes.

On the topic of dumping, I took a cue from the FAQ and imposed a penalty for discarding.

All players except the one with the lowest number of counters must lose a counter upon discarding more than one card.

This helps the underdog hang-in, especially in multi-player games.


That really won't fly with my friends. My favored option is to place a limit on the number of cards that you can discard, though I imagine keeping track of that and counters can be pretty annoying. Whatever works for you, I guess.

Yeah, that damage-on-discard from the FAQ seemd a bit draconian, which is why I reduced it to only one damage.

The other aspect, allowing only the player with the lowest counters to discard (or if you wish allowing him to disacrd more and placing a limit on the other players) does have an interesting effect on the game, if you are willing to try it out.