Lunch Money Interop FAQ

Because you asked for it. Here is at least the beginning of an Interop FAQ. Well, this is the questions part anyway!

Choke is from Lunch Money. Choke & Puke is from Beer Money. The main difference is that Choke & Puke has a round of it's victim being defenseless afterwards.

Choke can be escaped by Stomp or Headbutt (Lunch Money cards). Choke & Puke can be escaped by Thunder Head (Beer Money card).

But it doesn't say what happens when you combine sets. Basically what I'm asking is, could you use Stomp or Headbutt to escape Choke & Puke? Can you use Thunder Head to escape Choke?

Then there's Headlock, which is a Lunch Money card. It allows the player as many Jab, Uppercut, and Stomp cards that they have. That's all fine and dandy when just playing Lunch Money, but when you throw in Beer Money and Sticks & Stones, there's so many other cards. Should some of the other cards be allowed to be used when having someone in a Headlock? Some good cards would be Smack, Sucker Punch, and of course, Knuckle Sammitch.

This is an interesting project idea. I think I'd start with an Excel spreadsheet with all of the cards on them, and then work on a cross-refernce for equivilent cards.

Of course, to get an "official" stamp of approval, Atlas would have to review it and confirm any assumptions made that are not explicitly in the rules.

Finally, it should probably then be converted to a PDF.

Shoot me a PM if you are interested in a collaboration!